3 Surprising Things Australia Is Known For

Whether you think about it on a day-to-day basis or not, Australia is a powerhouse when it comes to exporting raw materials and goods to the rest of the world. Many people are familiar with some of the more well-recognized exports and industries in Australia like tourism in the Great Barrier Reef and the production of gold, crude oil, iron ore, and even copper. Yet, there are some surprising natural goods Australia exports that are not as widely discussed around the world; much of them add up to the tune of billions of dollars despite their lack of everyday dialogue. Let’s explore some of these unique offerings that Australia provides to the world.

Coal Briquettes

In a country where nearly nine out of every ten inhabitants live on the coast, natural gas production is not a topic of great discussion. Yet, coal briquettes are hardly talked about and still account for a large portion of the country’s roughly $250 billion gross domestic product. Australia has a lot of coal mines, especially in the coal region of the Hunter Valley, New South Wales. Next time you fire up the grill for a burger with coal briquettes, you should definitely consider the possibility that your coal actually came from Down Under.

Chicken Feed

Coming in various forms, chicken feed is indeed an export of Australia, and it has become a popular trend. Most of the common types of chicken feed come in the form of some type of grain (about 60% to 70%), consisting of 16% to 18% protein, and include oil beans like soy and canola. Grower chicken feed varies from “layer” chicken feed because their feed is formulated for egg-laying hens. Providing more than enough chicken feed for its nearly 26 million inhabitants, Australia provides the chicken feed necessary for both surrounding countries and farther away countries, as well. Three million tons of chicken feed is produced every year in Australia and results in the production of extremely high-quality eggs that are beloved by residents of Australia and beyond.


Because 90% of Australians live along the coast to avoid the blistering heat on a continent where the vast majority of the land is barren outback, wheat isn’t typically associated with the great Down Under. However, wheat contributes to Australia’s $250 billion GDP and is of just as fine quality as anywhere else in the world. It’s typically grown along the northern, southern, and western regions of the country. It’s produced in such great quantities that it’s traded on the open financial markets.

When it comes down to it, Australia is an incredible land with wondrous natural resources. Some of the lesser discussed exports like wheat, chicken feed, and coal briquettes actually add up to a vital portion of the nation’s total exports and economy. The world is certainly grateful for the continual production of high-quality Australian goods.

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