R. Reagan Sahadi Talks About How He Got His Start and Secrets for Success

R. Reagan Sahadi is an accomplished personal injury attorney known for his unwavering dedication to clients in wrongful death and catastrophic injury cases across Texas and the nation. Hailing from South Texas and raised in a family of entrepreneurs, Reagan’s passion for justice led him to pursue a career in law. Reagan’s educational journey includes…

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Breaking Barriers: Bhavdeep Singh Reflects on Searching for a Job as a Turbaned Teen in the 1980s

Bhavdeep Singh Job Application

Bhavdeep Singh, a successful senior executive, angel investor and public speaker, is a Founding Partner at WHA Partners & Whitehawk Associates LLC, an independent business management consultancy and was most recently, Chairman and Co-Founder of HealthQuarters in New York City.  Prior to HealthQuarters, Bhavdeep has been the CEO of several large organizations around the world.…

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Debt Limit Discussions Continue as U.S. Faces Credit Rating Watch

debt talks

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has expressed optimism that the White House and Republican negotiators can reach an agreement to prevent a potentially catastrophic default on U.S. debts. However, his optimism hasn’t reassured financial analysts, as the U.S. was recently placed under sovereign ratings watch. McCarthy, after a lengthy four-hour meeting with negotiators selected by President…

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NY Congressman George Santos Charged with Multiple Fraud-Related Offenses

NY Congressman George Santos federal charges

New York Congressman George Anthony Devolder Santos, representing the Third District of New York, was recently indicted on a 13-count charge. The charges include wire fraud, money laundering, theft of public funds, and making materially false statements to the House of Representatives. Fraudulent Political Contribution Solicitation Scheme In this scheme, Santos is accused of defrauding…

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Ammon Bundy Faces Defamation Lawsuit Amid New Standoff in Idaho

Ammon Bundy Idaho lawsuit standoff

Ammon Bundy, a controversial figure known for his past armed standoffs with federal law enforcement, is now facing a defamation lawsuit filed by St. Luke’s Health System. The lawsuit accuses Bundy, his close associate Diego Rodriguez, and their various political and business entities of making false statements against the hospital, causing millions of dollars in…

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