Common Health Issues That Affect Middle-Aged Men

As you age, your body often declines in health. Because your body is not in its prime and your organs have been working longer, you need to be keeping up your health. There are several common health issues that affect middle-aged men that can cause more serious problems if left unchecked. High Blood Pressure One…

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Why You Keep Finishing Your Workouts Exhausted

Are you finishing your workouts feeling exhausted? You’re not alone. A lot of people feel this way, and it’s often because they are doing too much too soon. Here are just a few of the reasons why you might be finishing your workouts feeling exhausted and what you can do to fix it! You’re Not…

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How Diamond Ranch Academy Elevates Programs for Troubled Teens And Repairs Families

Diamond Ranch Academy

Diamond Ranch Academy is elevating therapeutic residential treatment for troubled teens to a new level of excellence. Nestled among the beautiful red rocks of the Southern Utah landscape, a therapeutic boarding school is transforming the lives of hundreds of teenagers. Driven by the motto “Healing Families, One Youth at a Time,” the sprawling 55-acre Diamond…

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Why does my head hurt when I press on it?

why does my head hurt

There are a few potential reasons why you may experience head pain when you press on it. One possibility is that you have a migraine. Migraines are a type of headache that can be accompanied by a throbbing sensation and often occur with nausea and light sensitivity. Another possibility is that you have a tension…

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Telemedicine is Changing the Healthcare Industry; Early Adopters like Nu Image Medical are Reaping the Benefits

Nu Image Medical Mens Health

Perhaps one of the most exciting and beneficial technological advancements in the medical community has been the adoption of telemedicine. While there have been some concerns raised about removing the human element from doctor-patient interactions, as well as difficulty for those who are not technologically savvy and the possibility of privacy breaches, the benefits of…

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Is Your Household Disinfectant Harming Your Health?

kitchen disinfectant safe

The last few years have given new life to disinfecting. And while killing germs that lurk on surfaces is always a good idea, you have to stop and ask yourself – what else might harsh chemical compounds be killing? The answer is your health! A 20-year study conducted by The University of Bergen in Norway…

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Emergency Pediatrician Dr. Louis Hampers Exceeds Expectations At Every Turn

Dr. Louis Hampers

Described as talented, focused, passionate, engaging, and energetic, Dr. Louis Hampers has spent his career working tirelessly as an Emergency Pediatrician. Known for always putting his patients and his staff before himself, Dr. Hampers has earned acclaim throughout the medical community. Between his clinical work, groundbreaking research, years of teaching, and leadership in administrative roles,…

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Why You Should Listen to What Your Body is Telling You

Our bodies are incredible, layered, complicated machines. Our nervous system is perfectly constructed to deliver signals to the brain about all of the goings-on in every extremity. Although it might be tempting to push the signs away, it’s important that you listen to how you feel. Make Better Health Decisions Our bodies can leave us…

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