Top Healthcare News Stories in 2023

As we navigate through the final quarter of 2023, we can reflect on the transformative changes that have shaped the healthcare landscape. This year has been marked by groundbreaking advancements, strategic shifts, and policy evolutions that are redefining the future of healthcare. From technological innovations to major corporate restructurings, let’s delve into the most significant healthcare stories of the year.

1. Revolutionizing Obesity Treatment: Novo’s Wegovy

In a landmark trial, Novo Nordisk’s obesity drug, Wegovy, demonstrated a 20% reduction in cardiovascular risk, heralding a new era in obesity management. This finding is particularly significant for senior populations, potentially opening the door to broader coverage and access to this treatment. The implications of this breakthrough extend beyond individual health benefits, offering a glimpse into a future where chronic conditions like obesity are managed more effectively and preventative.

2. Epic and Microsoft’s AI Collaboration

Epic Systems, a leader in healthcare software, launched the ‘Partners and Pals’ program, marking a significant stride in integrating AI into healthcare. This initiative, bolstered by a collaboration with tech giant Microsoft, focuses on enhancing generative AI applications in healthcare. Epic’s move to embed Nuance’s ambient documentation solution within its workflows signifies a leap towards more efficient, AI-driven healthcare administration and patient care.

3. The Disruption of Pharmacy Benefit Management

Blue Shield of California’s decision to move from CVS to an ‘unbundled’ consortium of vendors, including Amazon Pharmacy and Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drugs, signals a seismic shift in pharmacy benefit management (PBM). This strategic move highlights the evolving landscape of drug delivery and access, as traditional models face disruption from innovative, tech-driven solutions.

4. Medicare Shared Savings Program: Consistent Savings

The Medicare Shared Savings Program reported savings of $1.8 billion in 2022, marking its sixth consecutive year of cost reduction. This achievement underscores the program’s effectiveness in fostering a more cost-efficient healthcare system. The success is particularly notable among low-revenue Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), many of which serve rural areas, highlighting the potential of value-based care models in diverse settings.

5. Amazon’s Bold Foray into Healthcare Tech

Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced two significant healthcare initiatives: HealthScribe and HealthImaging. HealthScribe allows healthcare software providers to build generative AI documentation solutions, while HealthImaging focuses on managing and sharing vast amounts of medical imaging data. These services, compliant with HIPAA regulations, represent Amazon’s deepening involvement in healthcare technology, offering scalable and efficient documentation and data management solutions. Additionally, the expansion of Amazon Clinic nationwide, which connects patients with telehealth providers for low-acuity conditions, illustrates Amazon’s commitment to redefining healthcare accessibility and delivery.

6. The Sanford and Fairview Merger Fallout

The termination of the $14 billion merger between Sanford and Fairview Health Services was a major story in corporate healthcare. The cancellation of this merger, which would have created a healthcare giant in the Midwest, reflects the complexities and challenges in healthcare mergers and acquisitions. This development also highlights the increasing scrutiny and opposition such large-scale consolidations face, especially from academic medical centers and regulatory bodies.

7. Enhabit’s Strategic Reorientation

Enhabit, a key home health and hospice care player, announced its intention to explore strategic alternatives. This announcement came amid a wave of acquisitions in the home health sector, signaling potential new ownership or operational shifts for Enhabit. Such moves indicate the ongoing consolidation in the home healthcare industry, driven by the growing demand for in-home care services and the changing healthcare delivery landscape.

8. OHSU & Legacy Health’s Strategic Merger

The proposed merger between Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) and Legacy Health is set to create the largest employer in the Portland metro area, focusing on enhancing patient- and community-focused healthcare. This merger is a response to the challenges faced by both institutions in a competitive healthcare market. The combined entity, with its significant workforce and extensive healthcare network, is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping healthcare delivery in the region.

9. Kidney Care Innovations: Strive Health and Oak Street Health

In a notable development, Strive Health partnered with Oak Street Health to launch a value-based kidney care program across 21 states. This collaboration aims to enhance the management of chronic kidney disease (CKD) from stage 4 through end-stage, focusing on reducing hospitalizations, lowering costs, and improving patient outcomes. This initiative exemplifies the growing trend towards specialized, value-based care models in treating chronic conditions, highlighting the potential for innovative partnerships to transform patient care quality.

10. The Downfall of Cano Health

Cano Health, a senior clinic care platform, faced significant financial struggles, culminating in a medical loss ratio of 103.5%. This means that Cano spent over a dollar in medical costs for every dollar earned in premiums. Cano’s journey, marked by mismanagement and potentially dubious transactions, is a cautionary tale in the healthcare sector, illustrating the challenges of balancing expansion, management, and financial sustainability, particularly in the competitive Medicare Advantage market.

11. Privia Health’s Strategic Expansion in Washington State

Privia Health’s foray into the Washington healthcare market through its partnership with Walla Walla Clinic marks a strategic expansion. With over 50 providers across three locations, Privia’s intent is to establish a strong regional presence. The expansion reflects the ongoing trend of healthcare networks broadening their geographic footprint to enhance accessibility and deliver comprehensive care.

12. Realignment of Centura Health’s Hospital Portfolio

Centura Health’s hospital portfolio division between CommonSpirit and AdventHealth signifies a significant realignment in the healthcare industry. This development underscores the dynamic nature of healthcare management and the strategic importance of optimizing hospital networks for improved service delivery and operational efficiency.

13. Medicare Advantage’s Evolving Landscape

The Medicare Advantage space saw significant shifts in 2023, with the Kaiser Family Foundation reporting that over half of Medicare enrollees are now on Medicare Advantage plans. This trend is dominated by major players like UnitedHealthcare and Humana, indicating a concentration in the market. These changes highlight the evolving preferences of Medicare beneficiaries and the increasing importance of Medicare Advantage plans in the American healthcare system.

14. Kroger and Intermountain’s Medicare Advantage Collaboration

Kroger teamed up with Intermountain Healthcare Select Health to introduce a co-branded Medicare Advantage plan in Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, and Utah. This partnership reflects a growing trend of collaborations between healthcare providers and retailers, aiming to offer innovative and accessible healthcare solutions to a broader population.

15. Verily and OneOncology’s Cancer Research Alliance

Verily’s partnership with OneOncology to enhance cancer research signifies a leap forward in clinical trial efficiency. Integrating Verily’s clinical trials management software with OneOncology’s platform, this collaboration aims to accelerate cancer research, offering new hope in the battle against this pervasive disease.

16. Methodist Health System’s Expansion in North Texas

Methodist Health System’s partnership with Surgery Partners to develop and acquire Ambulatory Surgery Centers in North Texas is a strategic move to strengthen its regional presence. This initiative underscores the growing emphasis on outpatient care as a vital component of healthcare delivery.

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