Personal Security is More Important You Realize

You probably recognize how important maintaining a secure environment is, but that doesn’t mean you think about it too often. While you don’t want to become riddled with anxiety and paranoia about all of the situations that could arise at home, knowing the potential issues can help you to avoid them from happening.

Unarmed Security System

Purchasing personal security system packages is a wise decision, but these systems can’t help you if you don’t have them on. Some people might think that it is okay to turn their systems on only when they are out of the house or at night. However, break-ins can occur at any time, and many of them do happen during the day. While it may be inconvenient to have to disarm and re-arm your security system each time you want to leave the house, you may want to consider arming it when you are the only one at home or the only one awake. You can also get a system that alerts you when a door or window is opened so you are aware of motion through the home without setting off the alarm.

Unlocked Doors

Make sure you lock your doors regularly. You want to be able to control who enters your home and nothing is more inviting than an unlocked door. When you go out into the yard to do some gardening or to sit and sip a drink for a while, you might think it’s fine to leave the doors unlocked. Being in your yard may give you a false sense of security about the security of your home. But criminals are aware of this mindset. If they hear you in the backyard or they decide to try your door, you have left yourself vulnerable.

Answering the Door

Answering the door might not seem like a big problem, but it is always better to be safe than sorry. Before you open the door, look through a peephole or window to see who is out there. Turn on the lights before you open the door if it is dark outside. Don’t ever open the door all the way, and don’t tell them how many people are home. While this information may seem harmless, it allows people to build a profile about your home and your family’s schedule.

Open Windows

Be very selective about the windows that you open. Windows are an excellent entry point for anyone trying to break in. If you do want some fresh air, choose windows in rooms that see a lot of traffic from family members. You can also open windows that are out of reach from the ground or that have prickly vegetation in front of them. If you have an alarm system that alerts you to open windows, turn off the zone for windows you are opening instead of the whole thing. It may seem like a complicated process for a bit of fresh air, but it is worth it to make sure you don’t accidentally compromise your security.

Advertising Errors

If you have a security system, post signs warning people that your house is alarmed. While it won’t stop everyone, criminals are more likely to pick a house that doesn’t have signs of being protected by an alarm system. On the other hand, you don’t want to advertise what you have in your home. Don’t leave boxes for expensive purchases on the curb where anyone can see them.

You want your home to be safe, and there are several steps you can take to make sure that is a reality. Don’t forget to do the little things to make sure that your home can be a true refuge and place for you to enjoy your time with your family.

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