LDS Missionary Injured in Brussels Attack was at Boston Marathon Bombing

mason wells brussels boston bombing survivor

Mason Wells was injured in Brussels terror attack. He was in Boston during marathon bombing.

Mason Wells, a 19 year old Mormon Missionary was seriously injured in the Brussels airport terror attack. The young missionary was close the the blast that tore his achilles tendon and caused a gash on his head. His injuries included second- and third-degree burns to the right side of his body and face. It is a miracle he survived this horrific attack. This is the third time he has come close to the horrors of terrorism.

In 2013 Mason was in Boston to watch his mother compete in the Boston Marathon family friends say. He was just a block away from the bombing there that took three lives and injured 264 others. Wells was also in France during the Paris terror attacks.

Mason was serving a two year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, commonly referred to as the Mormon Church, when he was injured in the bombings in Brussels that took at least 34 lives. He was at the airport with 66 year old Richard Norby and 20 year old Joseph Empey, all from Utah. Norby and Empey were also injured in the airport blast while they were there dropping off a female missionary colleague.

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the Brussels terror attack and many are saying it was in retaliation for the recent arrest and take down of one of the Paris attackers.

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