Justice for Dr. Narang – Mob kills dentist in front of home

Indian news is reporting that Dr. Narang, a dentist, was killed when a mob beat him in front of his home. Dr. Narang was a 40 year old dentist who got into a argument with four juveniles over motorcycles. His fatal beating allegedly took place in front of his son.

“The incident took place Wednesday night, when Narang’s son Aditya was playing cricket with his cousin Rachit outside their home. Narang and his brother-in-law Vivek Sethi were also outside, watching them play,” said a police officer.

“Two men on a motorcycle were passing by; they were driving rashly. They had to stop the motorcycle after Aditya ran out in front of it. This led to a heated argument, after which the duo left the motorcycle at the spot and escaped,” said the officer.

Police said Narang allegedly hit the rider, a resident of a local slum. Narang refused to let the pair leave with their motorcycle until the called the parents.

The juveniles ran off only to return with a mob of ten armed people. They were reportedly carrying sticks, rods, and cricket bats the police said.

“They attacked Narang with the bats and rods, and assaulted any family member who tried to come to his rescue. They also beat up his brother-in-law. They pelted his house with stones. The mother of one of the accused instigated the violence, provoking her son to beat up the doctor,” said the officer.

Screams from Narang’s wife were heard, yet nobody responded. Eventually some residents contacted the local police. The assailants had fled before help arrived.

“Both Narang and Sethi were taken to a nearby hospital. They were referred to Mata Chanan Devi Hospital, where Narang succumbed to injuries. Doctors told police that he had received a deep wound on his cranium,” said the officer.

Police used ATM security camera footage that caught the brutal assault to identify the attackers.

Multiple people have been apprehended including one of the motorcycle rider’s mothers who was seen on camera attacking the doctor along with her son.

People are calling for justice for the brutal beating of Dr. Narang all over the world.

source: Times of India http://bit.ly/1WPIdYf

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