Jeep Recalls Over 200,000 Cherokee SUVs Amid Fire Risk Concerns

Jeep owners, take note. Stellantis, the parent company of Jeep, has issued a recall affecting nearly 220,000 Jeep Cherokee SUVs across the globe due to a potential fire hazard. The affected models are from the 2014 to 2016 production years. This risk persists even when the engine is off, prompting the company to advise owners to park these SUVs outdoors and away from other vehicles.

At the heart of the issue is the power liftgate control computer. Water intrusion into this component can cause an electrical short, which in turn can trigger a fire. Until a solution is developed, owners of these SUVs should be aware of the risks associated with this defect.

Jeep Cherokee owners should be on the lookout for notification letters, which are slated to start going out from June 30. The issue came to light during a routine analysis of customer data by Stellantis.

While the exact number of affected SUVs that have caught fire is uncertain, Stellantis has reported 50 customer assistance records, 23 warranty claims, and 21 field reports related to the problem. Fortunately, no injuries have been reported so far.

One potential warning sign for owners is that the power liftgates may cease to function before the vehicles catch fire. This could serve as a preliminary indicator of the issue.

Interestingly, this is not the first recall related to a similar problem. In 2015, Stellantis issued a recall for many of the same Jeep Cherokee models to address a comparable issue.

Owners of 2014 to 2016 Jeep Cherokees are encouraged to heed this warning and take the necessary precautions to ensure their safety and the safety of those around them. While the company works on a fix, it’s essential to stay informed and follow the recommended guidelines.

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