Jeep Recalls Over 200,000 Cherokee SUVs Amid Fire Risk Concerns

2014 - 2016 Jeep Cherokee recall

Jeep owners, take note. Stellantis, the parent company of Jeep, has issued a recall affecting nearly 220,000 Jeep Cherokee SUVs across the globe due to a potential fire hazard. The affected models are from the 2014 to 2016 production years. This risk persists even when the engine is off, prompting the company to advise owners…

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Elon Musk Drops Hints on Two New EVs

New Tesla EV model 2

Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, sparked intrigue during the company’s annual shareholder’s meeting of 2023, dropping hints about two upcoming electric vehicles (EVs) and confirming that one of them is already under construction. Musk stressed, “I want to underscore that we’re not just ideating, but we’re bringing a new product to life. We’re in the design…

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I Asked MidJourney to Design a Tesla CyberTruck

Tesla CyberTruck

Tesla, renowned for its groundbreaking electric vehicles and futuristic designs, has captured the imagination of automotive enthusiasts worldwide. Inspired by the potential of artificial intelligence, I embarked on an experiment: asking MidJourney, an advanced AI model, to design a Tesla CyberTruck. This article chronicles my intriguing journey as I made multiple attempts to generate a…

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Carvana stock price falls as used car values sink

used car prices

Shares of used car marketplace Carvana continued to plummet Monday, falling over 50% over the past two trading days, following a volatile downward trend that began after the company shared third-quarter results Thursday. Shares dropped 15% Monday to close the day at $7.39 a share, continuing a downward trajectory that began on Friday, when the…

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Asia: Tesla’s China-made sales hit record following Shanghai factory upgrade

Tesla China

By Krystal Hu and Anirudh Saligrama Oct 9 (Reuters) – Electric vehicle maker Tesla Inc (TSLA.O) sold 83,135 China-made vehicles in wholesale in September, smashing its record of monthly sales in China, according to a report released on Sunday by the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA). The number marks an 8% increase from August and outpaced the more than…

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Why Cars Are So Much More Expensive Today

Have you gone to check out car prices recently and found yourself surprised by the universally high prices? You wouldn’t be the only one! The fact of the matter is that cars today tend to be more expensive than before – even accounting for market fluctuations. Supply Chain Issues In the wake of the pandemic,…

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An Introduction to eCommerce for Car Dealers

As a car dealership owner or supervisor, you are tasked with not only bringing in high revenues every month but providing an excellent customer experience. However, you may have noticed that year after year those numbers are becoming smaller, and yes there’s a reason for that. Today’s consumer wants to research their vehicle choices for…

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Tips for Driving Safely Around Semi-Trucks

Accidents involving semi-trucks are extremely dangerous situations. The average minimum weight of a semi-truck is 80,000 pounds, so driving safely around them is extra important. Here are a few safety tips you should follow when driving near a semi-truck so you can make sure that you and your passengers can stay safe. Understand the Challenges…

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What Are the Benefits of Buying an Electric Vehicle?

Part of shopping for a new car is deciding the make and model you want, but you also have the option of purchasing a traditional gas-powered vehicle or a new up-and-coming electric car. If you are considering the latter, here are some considerations to help you make the right choice for you. Skip The Gas…

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