Israel Iron Dome missile defense moved near Gaza

iron dome system IDF

Iron Dome System re-deployed to southern Israel – Short range missile system defends against rocket attacks

The Iron Dome missile defense system has be deployed near southern Israel. The batteries have been place in various protected locations along the border with Gaza. News of a credible threat has not been published. The IDF has positioned the Iron Dome System where it is strategically needed.

The Iron Dome System is an all weather air defense system developed for the IDF by Rafael Advanced Defense systems and Israel Aircraft Industries. It is designed to launch short-range missiles that destroy incoming rockets and artillery shells. This defense system was initially deployed in March of 2011 near Beersheba. In april of that year the Iron Dome System successfully shot down a Grad rocket that was launched from Gaza. The system is credited with taking out 90% of all incoming rockets  launched from Gaza that would have created casualties inside populated areas.

The system is designed to counter short-range rockets and 155 mm artillery shells with a range of up to 70 kilometers. According to its manufacturer, Iron Dome will operate day and night, under adverse weather conditions, and can respond to multiple threats simultaneously.

Funding for the Iron Dome system was provided by Israel with support from the United States on missile acquisition and development. Israel partners with its American ally to co-produce Iron Dome components.

Future Iron Dome System enhancements may include the use of energy weapons to combat a larger salvo of incoming projectile should a battle escalate.

Counter-UAV devices have been tested to expand the system’s capabilities against unmanned aerial vehicles. These may include less expensive projectiles to replace the more expensive U.S. developed Patriot missiles deployed in the area.

The Iron Dome System has proven to be very effective in defending Israel from rocket attacks.


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