Is Independence University a Real School?


The internet can be a place where it’s hard to separate fact from fiction, so it’s more important than ever before to be discerning in where you get information online. This is especially true when choosing which college you should enroll in to get your degree.

If you’ve been wondering if Independence University is a real school, we’ve collected the facts for you. Our sources present accurate information you can rely on when making decisions about where to go to school. Read on to learn more about this college and whether or not it provides a reputable education.

An Accredited University

First things first. Is Independence University a real school? In short, yes. The school is nationally accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC). Nursing programs are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE). No matter the chosen program, students with a degree from Independence University receive a quality education and are ready to find a promising entry-level position in their field of study.

Regional vs. National Accreditation

Many nationally accredited schools are for-profit, but Independence University is a not-for-profit university helping students advance in their careers. Some regionally accredited schools do not accept transfer credits from other institutions for various reasons, but many do. It is common for schools to have credits that do not transfer to another school due to differing standards and degree requirements. But most importantly, this national accreditation is recognized by the United States Department of Education, which means they recognize Independence University as a valid school.

History of Independence University

Independence University has headquarters in Utah, though students complete their degrees from home. It was originally established in 1978 and switched to the name of Independence University in 2005. This name change was meant to reflect the wide range of programs offered, including healthcare, business, technology, and graphic arts.

Flexible Course Schedules

As a school catering to non-traditional students, Independence University offers classes on a monthly schedule. The school does not operate on typical semesters or quarters. Instead, students can start classes at the beginning of the month and finish by the end of the month. This is advantageous for those looking to further their education while working a full-time job or taking care of a family. Course material and resources are available 24 hours a day, so students can work around their schedule to accomplish their work. This allows students to finish their degree program more quickly than other universities or at the pace that’s right for them.

Student Statistics

Independence University has an acceptance rate of 100 percent. This means all students have the opportunity to receive a degree from this accredited university. Currently, Independence University has more than 8,041 students enrolled around the world.

A Wide Range of Programs

Students can receive a wide range of degrees from Independence University. Currently, the school offers 26 online degrees and seven majors. Students can receive an Associate’s, Bachelor’s, or Master’s degree from the Schools of Healthcare, Business, Technology, and Graphic Arts. Some of the most popular programs at Independence University include a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN), and Associate of Science in Respiratory Therapy. Popular master’s programs include Master of Business Administration and Master of Public Health.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Independence University provides financial aid to a variety of qualifying students, including military veterans. As with any university, this aid comes in the form of scholarships, grants, and loans. Students applying for financial aid must fill out a FAFSA form and await processing to find out if they qualify. Federal aid options include Federal Grants, Pell Grants, and more. Independence University also offers private scholarships ranging from full-tuition scholarships to half-tuition scholarships.

Financial aid planners can help students find the financial help they need to pay for Independence University. Even if students do not qualify for financial aid, the affordable courses can be paid for in manageable monthly payments and with student loans.

Study Tools Included

Students enrolled in Independence University receive all the tools they need to succeed included in the cost of their tuition. The school provides a tablet and laptop for all students to keep after graduation. The tablet and laptop come equipped with software ready for use in Independence University courses.

Students also receive tutoring, online support, and career services included in the cost of education. Textbooks, supplies, and equipment necessary for classes are also included in tuition cost, and students receive continued support after graduation day. Those looking to brush up on their skills can audit a class from their specialty program after graduation, free of charge.

Investing in Students

Independence University has a mission to help as many students as possible find the career of their dreams. The focus on fast and employment-driven education helps students advance their career as soon as possible. Courses are designed with input from business partners around the country, meaning students learn real-world skills applicable to the workforce. Those business partners also provide externships to help students seamlessly transition from the classroom to the workplace.

Quality Education

Students looking for flexible learning in a supportive environment can find it at Independence University. This nationally accredited school has a unique approach to providing quality, career-focused education for anyone wanting to further their education. Reviews across the internet report that many students thrive at Independence University. Learn more about their diverse degree programs by requesting more information today.

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