The Israel Defense Forces are always at the forefront of innovation when it comes to combat training. Here’s a look at two recent stories on the Israel Defense Forces blog about how Israel’s soldiers are training for combat.

Perfect Fighting Condition

IDF soldiers are in peak physical condition thanks to their specialized training. But have you ever wondered if you have the mental and physical toughness to make it through combat? The IDF Blog recently featured a story about the difference between physical training and combat training.

IDF soldiers do more than just lifting weights and completing push-ups. They aren’t in it to look good; they’re training for survival. Combat training includes becoming familiar with and adept at carrying weapons, as well as building up the necessary endurance to perform duties under extreme stress and fatigue. After all, that is what real combat is like.

IDF combat training also includes teaching soldiers to become familiar and comfortable with unpredictability. They learn the art and the science behind fitness, including biology and anatomy. And instead of training in a comfortable gym, they do their combat training in challenging, unfriendly environments that more closely simulate a battlefield.

Lessons in counter-terrorism

The recent wave of terror attacks has necessitated a new crash course  that trains IDF soldiers on stopping terrorists and preventing infiltration. By using lessons learned form terror attacks that have occurred in the past, the Central Command Training Center has developed a training program that helps soldiers successfully thwart terrorists.

Two ways in which terrorists can strike is by taking weapons from a soldier and stabbing them. To help soldiers overcome such attacks, the IDF has trained them in close-combat skills, most notably Krav Maga. Soldiers are also assessed on how they handle simulated abductions and stabbings. Computers are able to measure soldiers’ responses, providing a learning opportunity from each training session.

One benefit from the training is that the soldiers return to their regular posts with heightened awareness, alertness, and understanding when it comes to possible close-combat terror attacks.


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