Health Risks That Increase as You Get Older

There are plenty of things to look forward to as you age. Retirement tends to be one of the more commonly discussed and planned-for perks. Unfortunately, there are a few downsides to getting older as well. The body doesn’t recover quite like it used to. Some health risks increase as well.

Heart Attack

The older you are, the higher your risk of having a heart attack. Women who have a heart attack when they are older are at greater risk of dying within a few weeks of the attack. You can’t change how old you are, but you can make lifestyle changes that reduce your heart attack risk. If you smoke, quit. Make sure your blood pressure is within healthy levels. Engage in regular physical activity. Maintain a healthy weight. These lifestyle factors will help protect the health of your heart.


While anyone can have a stroke at any age, your risk of stroke significantly increases as you get older. Strokes are serious and need to be addressed immediately to increase the chances of survival. Stroke survivors can suffer a variety of symptoms, like short-term memory loss and mood changes. Rather than live with that, take steps to reduce your risk of stroke. Lifestyle choices that reduce your risk of having a heart attack can also reduce your risk of having a stroke. Additionally, avoid drinking too much alcohol and consuming too much salt, cholesterol, trans fats, and saturated fats.


Mobility often becomes more limited with age. The decrease in mobility, along with worsening eyesight and declining bone density means that it’s easier to fall and become seriously injured as you age. Recovering from a fall is much harder as you get older. Prevention is a much better way to go. Protect yourself from falls by keeping your pathways clear of tripping hazards and ensuring that rooms are well-lit. Stay physically active and prioritize maintaining your mobility, especially your range of motion. That will help you maintain the balance, strength, and flexibility you need to avoid falling.

It’s normal for the body to take more time to heal as you age. Because of that, it’s more challenging to prevent health problems and recover from them. That doesn’t mean that you’re doomed to poor health as a senior, however. Talk to your doctor about things you can do to improve your lifestyle to protect and preserve your good health for as long as possible.

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