What is an Elder Law Attorney and What Can They Do for You?

The best way to describe the job that an elder law attorney does would be that they work to advocate for senior citizens and their loved ones. This attorney will go the extra mile to represent the best interests of the senior citizen in a variety of situations that are usually present in an elderly person’s life. Along these same lines, an elder care attorney will usually be knowledgeable about a number of different areas of the law. Here are some of the things an elder care attorney can do for you:

The Law Regarding Seniors

Elder care attorneys look at a variety of issues regarding senior law. These would include such things as long-term care issues, housing, quality of life, independence and autonomy. These are some of the key issues regarding seniors, and an effective elder law attorney will make sure that he or she is an expert on all of these issues.

Estate Planning Law

An elder law attorney realizes that one of the main issues senior citizens face would be appropriate estate planning. This might even include planning for a minor or adult child that has special needs. It might also include such things as probate proceedings, which is a process where a deceased person’s assets are gathered up and distributed to their heirs and creditors. Moreover, this process will also often involve a policy called the Uniform Probate Code (UPC), which is a set of inheritance rules that were devised by a team of national experts. One of your chief responsibilities during the probate process would be to fully administer the entire process. You will be in charge of appointing executors and ensuring that all assets are disbursed properly.

Long-term Care Assistance

An experienced elder law attorney can help you ensure that you get the best possible care arrangement, which may become increasingly important as your medical needs mount. An elder care law attorney might also assist their clients in locating the best nursing home to fully meet all of their needs. Finally, they often will also work to safeguard assets to prevent spousal impoverishment just because one spouse has to go to the nursing home.

A competent elder care attorney can definitely be a huge asset to you as you go through the elder care planning process. Working with an attorney to set up contingency scenarios can be a huge relief to you and your loved ones.



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