Don’t Buy a Home with Any of These 3 Health Hazards

For many people, buying a home is an important milestone in their lives. However, it is important that you stay away from properties that could jeopardize your health and safety. Let’s take a look at some specific hazards that you want to avoid at all costs.


Pests can make your life difficult in a variety of different ways. First, they can literally eat away at your property, which could result in the roof, foundation, or other problems. Next, they can chew through bags of food, leave droppings in the cupboards and cause greasy streaks on your floors and walls.

If you eat food that has been contaminated by a pest, it could cause serious health issues. The same could be true if you breathe in air contaminated by rat or mouse droppings, fur or saliva. Take steps to minimize the occurance of pests in your home by keeping your home clean, tending to your roof and gutters, and trimming trees close to your home. 

Source: Tomlinson Cannon


Mold has been linked to massive health concerns. It can cause diseases like cancer thanks to the presence of mycotoxins produced by the mold spores themselves. Other health issues can include asthma, sinus congestion, and irritation of the ears, nose, and throat.

It is important to note that mold itself will not cause a person to develop asthma. Instead, it will merely make it harder to breathe for those who already have the condition. The presence of the mold itself could be enough to hurt a home’s resale value.

Source: Behind The Scenes Home Inspections


While asbestos is not used anymore when building or renovating homes, it was commonly used in the early and middle parts of the 20th century. Therefore, if you live in an older home, it is possible that it may contain asbestos. One of the major concerns of exposure to this substance is the possibility of developing mesothelioma.

Various studies have provided compelling evidence that asbestos exposure is one of the common causes of this condition. In most jurisdictions, a seller will have to disclose whether there is asbestos in a home or if there was asbestos there in the past.

Source: The Mesothelioma Center

The presence of mold or pests in a home can result in expensive repairs. If these repairs are not made, it may not be possible to resell the home in the future. Therefore, it may be best to simply avoid any property that has serious issues unless you are committed to a full renovation. In some cases, the sellers may be willing to remedy these issues for you.

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