College Majors to Pick if You Want to Learn About Computers

College can be an amazing time for learning about the world and making friends. But if you aren’t sure what to major in, it can feel kind of disheartening to get to school without knowing what to do. If you are a person that likes computers and learning about their function, there are many options for fields of study that you can pursue to help you prepare yourself for a future career. 

Information Technology 

One option is to major in information technology. This kind of degree can teach you about the evolving nature of tech and how to help others to use and understand the technology they need for their work. No matter what your other interests are, IT jobs are prevalent in almost every field, so you can find a position that uses your degree and is related to other areas of interest. Many schools offer Information technology programs, so you can look around for the best option before deciding on a school you would like to attend. Through your IT education, you will be equipped for a variety of jobs in many different sectors.

Computer Science 

Another option is computer science. A computer science degree is more focused on the creation and implementation of software and computer components rather than their use. Through your degree you will learn about many different programs and gain the skills to participate in moving technology forward. For example, RESTCONF is part of the standard CS curriculum along with many other complex topics. Depending on your specific interests, you can often tailor your computer science degree to your own needs.

Graphic Design 

If you love computers but you also feel drawn to more creative fields, graphic design can be a great way to merge your two interests. With a graphic design degree, you learn how to create meaningful and impactful graphics using computer software that can be used in a variety of ways. Graphic design is also an awesome option because it can allow you to explore your creative side while also working towards a better understanding of computers and the things they can do for businesses and individuals.

Choosing your major can be one of the hardest parts of college, especially if you are drawn to many fields. However, if you like computers, you can find a major that can meet your needs and prepare you for the future. Try taking a few courses in your chosen major to help you decide if it is a good fit.

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