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IPhone SE Trump small hands

New small IPhone is just right for Trump’s tiny hands

  Apple just made a phone small enough for Donald Trump. Apple just announced a new 4 inch IPhone SE, designed for smaller hands and lighter wallets.  Apple, always on top of customer demand, listened to it’s...
Trump University Basketball

Trump University Basketball Might Dominate March Madness

Trump University basketball could easily dominate the NCAA Tournament Trump University is on a roll this year. Donald Trump, not satisfied with just winning the GOP nomination may his sights set on dominating the March...
IDF weapons glock

IDF Tips for shooting a Glock

Israelis are turning to an iconic American firearm for their own self defense. There are a number of tricks and techniques involved when it comes to shooting a glock. Hailed as America’s “weapon of...
Fashion in Israel

Israeli Fashion Show Receives Good Buzz

The Israeli Fashion Week took place October 18-21. The list of designers has grown significantly since last year. There were over 30 collections by great Israeli designers as well as newcomers to Israel’s fashion...
Israeli Adoption of American Companies

Starbucks Missing in the Holy Land

Israel has not always been quick to introduce other country’s customs to its citizens. However, American stores and eateries like McDonald’s have been welcomed among the residents of Tel Aviv. There is one franchise...
Israeli Motorcyclists

Motorcycling in Israel

Israel is a diverse place. People from other parts of the world often get caught up in the fighting and conflict and forget that there is a rich culture, beautiful scenery, and of course...