Media Blackout Won’t Stop Bernie Sanders

bernie sanders social media blackout

Wisconsin is Ready for Bernie. Poised to collect his fourth consecutive win, Sen. Sanders has succeeded in standing up to the Clinton media machine.  He has endured an onslaught of media silence that has enabled his campaign to perfect its grassroots social media messaging.

Networks have devoted a paltry amount of air time to Sanders compared to other candidates. The volume of coverage is low and what few stories exist often mention his campaign in a negative tone.

Back in December Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver said: “The corporately-owned media may not like Bernie’s anti-establishment views but for the sake of American democracy they must allow for a fair debate in this presidential campaign,”

bernie sanders media blackout hillary advantage

Bernie’s campaign is given an unfair lack of media coverage

Motivated by ratings, the media has given a disproportionate amount of air time to Trump and Clinton. As the primary season hits its final stretch, coverage of Trump may weaken and shift to Clinton.

How the Sanders Campaign Overcomes Media Blackout

Bernie has developed an army of eager campaign messengers who connect to voters in real time. His hopeful message to the connected youth has ignited a revolution against corporate greed and political cronyism. This message has been shared passionately through social media, driving people to Sander’s massive events. The campaign has the wave of excitement similar to Obama’s 2008 campaign.

Sanders has collected talented software developers who have helped his campaign engineer an online donation network. Unlike paid consultants toiling for Clinton’s cash, members of Bernie’s team are true believers. Many of the technology experts that helped Obama campaign to victory are working with Sanders.

Data has become the new currency in modern political campaigns. Knowing who and how to influence people online is key to raising money, locating volunteers, and getting voters to the polls. Bernie’s network is a treasure trove of millions of small donors who can continue to give long after Hillary’s wealthy donors have hit their legal donation limit.

Transforming Social Likes into Hillary Votes

All of Sanders work may become Hillary’s secret weapon against the eventual GOP nominee if he does not win.

Hillary’s campaign must be watching this incredible outpouring of small donations and smiling at the prospect of obtaining all of Bernie’s data. Clinton has expressed confidence in her inevitability and her team may be counting the minutes till they can pick up the Sanders network upon his exit.

Sanders has signaled that he will be united with Hillary against the republicans.

Will Clinton take Bernie’s hard won data? Not if Sanders can close with voters in the next few states. He needs to deny Hillary a win and clinch the nomination. Many pundits think his path to 2,382 delegates is unlikely. The math is difficult and may require Sen. Sanders to step up his attacks against Hillary Clinton.

Bernie supporters have demonstrated a dislike of Hillary Clinton. Many have said they would rather not vote than vote for Hillary. Others who despise billionaire’s funding of candidates may even hold their noses and support a self funded candidate like Donald Trump. Hillary can not count on all of Bernie’s supporters providing donations and votes in a general election no matter how hard she tries to guilt them into it.

If Bernie Sanders wants to win the nomination, he needs to expand his voter base and win in New York. A small win in Wisconsin may not be enough.

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