Batman vs. Superman pulls $424 million globally

batman vs superman big opening weekend

Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice opens with $170 million in US

Warner Bros latest DC Comics movie Batman vs. Superman : Dawn of Justice had a huge opening weekend. Movie fans flocked to the theaters to see the Dark Knight battle the Man of Steel. DC just made a major release in the battle against the Marvel Universe blockbuster movie machine. #BatmanvsSuperman is now trending on Twitter as thousands tweet their excitement about the latest superhero movie.

Ben Afleck made his debut as Batman in the biggest Easter weekend release in history. This Easter weekend opening beat the previous record holder, Furious 7. Batman vs. Superman : Dawn of Justice opened in 4,242 theaters according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The movie opened on the same day /date in China adding $57.3 million to the opening total.

The DC blockbuster seems to be doing well in spite of the critics low Rotten Tomatoes score. Critics gave it an average of 29% compared to Marvel’s Avengers (2012)  92% critics rating. The Audience score was 73%. Clearly the audience loved its entertainment factors and ignored the awkward dramatic pauses and very random dream sequences. Many critics faulted the movie over use of  effects driven action scenes that seemed over the top.

Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice tells the story of Bruce Wayne’s growing anger toward’s Metropolis’s hero after Superman destroyed the Wayne Financial building and killed his friends and family during his fight with General Zod. Lex Luther joins the cast as well as Gal Gadot making her debut as Wonder Woman. Additional meta-humans are previewed in the film setting it up for a larger ensemble franchise.

DC has finally taken a page for Marvel’s playbook and focused on making bigger, connected movies that tell a bigger story. This enables the studio to develop multiple blockbusters through a continuing story-line that explores new characters and villains in each film.

Batman vs. Superman

is a hit worldwide. This goes to show that movie views sometimes don’t care what critics are saying when their favorite superheros are destroying each other on the big screen.

Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice Rotten Tomatoes Score: Critics: 29% / Audience: 73%

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