American Woman in Shock as Family Taken Hostage by Hamas in Israel

In a heartrending revelation, Abbey Onn, an American resident in Israel, has shared the harrowing ordeal of several family members being abducted by Hamas terrorists. The alarming incident comes amidst the recent hostilities in which Hamas has been taking men, women, and children as hostages.

Speaking on Global Morning Insights, Onn described the chilling events that have shaken her family. Disturbingly, among the abducted is a child of merely 12 years – a child who is of the same age as Onn’s own.

“Our worst fears came to life when we saw a video of the 12-year-old being forcibly taken by a Hamas operative,” said an emotional Onn. “It’s surreal, to think that such horrors are unfolding in this era, especially in Israel. It’s the most gut-wrenching experience for any parent.”

Abbey emphasized, “This is beyond political borders and affiliations. We are talking about real people here, people with families, dreams, and aspirations. They are fathers, mothers, grandparents, and children.”

The dreadful narrative further unveils that Onn’s elderly cousin, Carmela Dan, aged 80, was also abducted. She was seized along with her son-in-law, Ofer Kalderon (50), and three grandchildren – Sahar Kalderon (16), Erez Kalderon (16), and the aforementioned Noya Dan (12).

In a recount of the nightmarish moments, Onn spoke of the time when she called her relatives who resided near the Gaza border. This was shortly before the horrifying invasion by the Hamas militants, which led to her family’s home being besieged.

“We were alerted by sirens early Saturday. When we reached out to our family in the southern part, we soon realized the grave reality as thousands of Hamas militants had made their way into the country,” Onn explained, her voice quivering. Later reports revealed that the building where her family resided was engulfed in flames and reduced to ruins.

“It was harrowing, realizing that the terrorists had occupied their house. Their last words were muffled by the relentless gunfire. And then, silence,” Onn recalled, trying to hold back her tears. “Only to see our young cousin in the clutches of Hamas the next day through a chilling video.”

In these trying times, Onn is clinging to hope and working closely with the U.S. government and the State Department. She believes in the possibility of a diplomatic breakthrough that could lead to her family’s safe return.

She expressed, “Despite the bleak circumstances, I’m holding onto hope. It’s all we have right now.”

The latest data indicates that Hamas has taken over 130 hostages in the wake of their sudden assault this past Saturday. The subsequent retaliatory actions saw rockets from Gaza causing the deaths of an estimated 1,000 Israelis and injuring over 2,000. Multiple cities, including the likes of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, were on the receiving end of these rocket attacks.

This ongoing conflict continues to underline the importance of fostering peace and understanding in the region, not just for the sake of political stability, but for the countless innocent lives caught in the crossfire.

Jennifer Wilkens

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