AIPAC – Netanyahu Links Brussels Attacks as Threats to Isreal

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Netanyahu ties Brussels terror attacks with terrorism against Israel – AIPAC

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has tied the recent terrorist attacks in Belgium to attacks in his country via satellite to the annual policy conference of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee in Washington, D.C.

“The chain of attacks from Paris to San Bernardino, from Istanbul to the Ivory Coast and now to Brussels, and the daily attacks on Israel, this is one continuous assault on all of us,”  Netanyahu said Tuesday morning “In all these cases, the terrorists have no resolvable grievances.

“What they seek is our utter destruction,” he said. “We won’t let that happen.”

Thirty four people have lost their lives and many more injured in the worst terrorist attack in recent Belgian history. ISIS has reportedly claimed responsibility for the horrific attacks on the Zaventem Airport and a metro station in Brussels. Victims of the attack include three american mormon missionaries who were seriously injured in the bomb attack on the Airport.

Reuven Rivlin, President of Israel sent a letter to King Philippe of Belgium offering condolences.

“Terrorism is terrorism is terrorism, whether it takes place in Brussels, Paris, Istanbul or Jerusalem,” Rivlin wrote. “These horrific events once again prove that we must all stand united in the fight against those who seek to use violence to stifle individual liberty and freedom of thought and belief, and continue to destroy the lives of so many. I want to emphasize that this struggle that we all share is against this violent terrorism that continues to kill and maim so many, it is not a fight against Islam.”

“Sadly, we, in Israel, are no strangers to the horror and grief that follows such murderous attacks and can understand the pain you all feel now,” he said.

This attack comes a couple of days after a suicide bomber exploded himself near Israeli tourist at a restaurant in Istanbul, Turkey. Local Turkish reporters said the suicide bomber targeted the Israeli tourists killing three of them.

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