3 Areas Women Have an Advantage in When It Comes to Politics

The United States has yet to have a female president. However, especially over the past few years, there has been an increasing number of women in other levels of the government with many districts electing their first female representatives. While it may seem that this underrepresentation is damaging for aspiring female politicians, there are some key areas where women actually have the advantage and can leverage these skills to help them succeed.

Being Personable

According to research from Pew, women in politics are perceived to be more compassionate than their male counterparts. This makes them highly personable, a trait that offers a strong advantage in politics. This is because politics is a field where being able to build strong relationships with other politicians and the general public is key to success. Women are also generally thought to be more honest and ethical, making them strong candidates in the political field. Together, this means that female politicians are generally more liked by their constituency and able to build positive relationships with other politicians.

Gender Issues

According to GBW Law, data suggests voters view women as having a significant advantage over their male counterparts regarding being qualified to handle gender issues. Even on a global scale, the effect women have on gender-related policy is clear. Internationally, most women in government hold positions in social affairs or gender policy, demonstrating the public opinion that women have an advantage in these positions. And when women are in these types of positions, more gender cognizant legislation tends to be passed and enforced. This also helps increase the representation of women in politics as the new laws work to create a more even playing field.

Building Compromises

Especially in political settings, women tend to share their power more whereas male politicians tend to guard it and focus on getting re-elected. This means that female politicians reach compromises faster and are more likely to have a bipartisan approach to problem-solving and legislation. In fact, finding this common ground seems to be the strongest skill of female politicians as most bills presented by women are founded on bipartisanship, according to Politifact. Proposed legislation that already incorporates compromises is more likely to get passed, demonstrating the efficiency of this method.

Ultimately, increasing diverse representation in government is key to creating legislation that benefits society as a whole. Different groups in society need to be represented. The unique strengths of people from all backgrounds are vital to a strong, effective governing body.

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