Why Are European Cars Seen As Such a Luxury Item?


Europe is credited with producing the world’s first automobile. Karl Benz was the brain behind this invention in the late 1880s. Although other parts contribute to the production of cars, mainly Japan and the United States, Europe has remained the hub for everything related to cars. In particular, Germany is well known for the production of high-quality vehicles. In a list of the best car companies, European-based companies dominate the list. Many European cars are considered luxurious for these reasons.


Since Europe has been in the business of manufacturing cars for many decades, this history contributes to how people feel about European cars. Before World War 2, European companies like Roll-Royce, Aston Martin, Bentley, Bugatti, and Maybach, among others, produced high-end vehicles. France was a significant producer during that time. The reign of Germany as an automobile powerhouse began after World War II. The country would export quality cars; BMW, the current owners of Rolls-Royce, followed the success of Mercedes-Benz. Additionally, Volkswagen is a vehicle manufacturing powerhouse that currently owns Lamborghini, Audi, and Bentley.

The racing culture in Europe also helped car companies make a name for themselves by manufacturing durable and fast vehicles. For example, manufacturers who would participate in the 24 hours of Lemans race would get prestige and recognition. Porsche has won the most; this is a brand that delivers fast, durable, and luxurious cars.


When compared to other cars, European luxury cars cost more. Impeccable performances guide the manufacture of European cars like BMW and Ferrari. A feature greatly attributed to the engineering that the vehicle undergoes during production. It would cost you less to purchase a Toyota Lexus or a Cadillac compared to European luxury brands. The cost of European cars is mainly because the companies produce a few numbers of these cars. The materials used to make them, the maintenance needs, and the required insurance also cost more money. The fact that they are also associated with a particular group of people, affluent also contributes to the high costs.

Name As Brand

When we think about luxury vehicles, Ferrari, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Jaguar, and Porsche likely comes to mind. All these cars are European. Car manufacturers in Europe focus on building their brands. Through the years, these companies have established themselves as the go-to companies for anything related to luxury cars. These companies care about their brand image, and this mission often guides the way they produce their cars. By ensuring that care and ingenuity go into their production, they can build and maintain an excellent image in the world of cars. The many kinds of European car brands each have their own unique needs. They also have different qualities that differentiate them from other brands from across the world. Although companies may produce low-end cars, often these cars are grouped in a different brand to maintain their original brand.

The Driving Experience

Sitting inside a European car is a comfortable and lovely experience. These cars have better gearboxes, better suspension hence making a ride in such a vehicle firmer. Manufacturers in Europe take time to produce automobiles that offer an excellent driving experience for their customers by focusing on various aspects. Cars made in Europe also have better steering. Motor technology is quite advanced in Europe than in other countries. A European vehicle is ideal for people who like to experiment on new car technologies; a lot of these cars allow users to change the temperatures in the car, warm their seats, or even change the scents.

Engineering Excellence

Car manufacturers in Europe prioritize engineering over mass production; they ensure that each car is manufactured with excellent details to guarantee performance, longevity, and comfort for the user. For example, German cars are not only impressive on the road, but their engineering makes these cars friendly to the environment as well. The engineering excellence of European cars has been seen in many instances. For example, the Mercedes S-Class W126 and W140 are still considered the benchmark of automotive luxury and performance. Although the primary goal of a lot of car developers is practicality, European cars continue to engineer their cars to be excellent in every aspect.

Limited Supply

Many cars are built for transportation; however, companies like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, among others, often come up with expensive ones that end up in the hands of a few lucky people. Many of these are often out of reach of the general public as their production is limited. Compared to Japanese and American cars, European vehicles have limited supply. It is easier to see an automobile manufactured in Japan on many of the world’s roads than one from Europe. This is why owning a European vehicle is termed a luxury.

The Aesthetics

A lot of European car brands produce smooth and appealing cars; the elegant exteriors of European cars sets them apart from their competitors. Your sophisticated European vehicle will get a lot of admiring eyes along the road. The selling points for most high-end automobiles in Europe are performance and design; this is why many European cars are deemed luxurious. For instance, German car companies will have their engineers design well-executed and appealing car interiors and exteriors. They even go-ahead to produce prototypes to taste the appeal; furthermore, the directors and the investors of the companies take time to test and provide feedback before delivering the final product.

Are They Any Better?

When we consider the mechanics of European cars, these are mighty and high-quality vehicles that are excellent to drive and also look good. Through the years, European companies have perfected the quality that goes into manufacturing cars. The engines are powerful, and aerodynamics have also gone through years of transformation, leading to the production of excellent performances in many cars.

The culture of building cars by hand was popular decades ago, and some companies still use it; this leads to the production of vehicles with great detail. Although the definition of Luxury cars differs from one person to the other, when compared to others, European cars fit into that box more.

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