Why Am I Having Such a Hard Time Being Productive at Work?

Work looks differently than it did a few years ago, or even one year ago. So, it seems, does productivity. You need to be able to focus and be able to do as much as possible during your day. Unfortunately, there are more roadblocks than ever to that goal. What is making your work productivity suffer? How can you increase it?

Work-Life Imbalance

Let’s be frank: lockdown has been difficult for productivity. Parents are interrupted in Zoom meetings roughly 25 times per week, and that’s only during meeting time itself. On average, mothers are interrupted more often than fathers, even when both are in the home. Each interruption causes a redirection of thought, and then further redirection to return to work. Being able to figure out how to balance this issue is an ongoing concern. Knowing it’s not due to your own inability to concentrate, but a new workplace adaptation causing complications is important. Childcare is tenuous in the US at this time, and interruptions are not going away. The good news is that as parents become accustomed to interruption, their refocus time tends to become faster and more complete.

EMF Sensitivity

Radio frequencies, low frequency EMFs such as those emitted by screens and terminals, and other workplace. There are no US EMF radiation limits or regulations at this time. However, studies indicate that reducing EMF exposure reduces physical symptoms that could be distressing and reduce your productivity. Move your router as far as possible from workplace or desk areas. Disabling Bluetooth devices except when in necessary use can also help this issue.


You’ve probably noticed, but this year has been a bit of a stressor on…well, everybody. Between a global pandemic, fears over the coronavirus, working remotely, building a home office, layoffs, politics and the like, this year has been a massively intense blow to mental health. Finding a good mental health therapist is a good idea during any year, but especially during this one. Being stressed at work can seriously impact your productivity. Be gentle to yourself and recognize that these are not ordinary events. Ordinary coping techniques or self-care might not be sufficient to prepare your body and mind for work. Take the breaks for your body and mind that you need in order to produce the effort needed at work. Get the sleep needed to prepare your mind and body for the tasks you need to do.

So many factors at this unprecedented moment in time are decreasing workplace productivity. If you can find ways to lower each of those factors, your body and mind will thank you. The pandemic is not going to last forever. However, the tools for body and mind health that you learn to use during this time can increase your productivity for years to come.

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