What You Need to Do Before Making Your Travel Plans This Winter

The holiday season means that travel is picking back up. Whether you are visiting loved ones or taking a family vacation, winter travel takes some careful planning and special considerations. Here are some tips for successful travel this winter.

Make Sure Your Documents Are in Order

If you are traveling overseas, each person from your party must have the appropriate documents. Everyone is required to have a passport, regardless of age. Be sure to check on expiration dates. For children who acquired their passport before age 16, the passport expires after five years. Otherwise, it is valid for ten years. You may also need to get a visa to travel to some destinations. Additionally, if you plan to drive at your destination, you might need an international driving permit and supplemental auto insurance. Some countries require proof of custody or written consent from the other parent if you will be traveling alone with minors. Find out what you need at your destination’ s embassy. Remember, acquiring these documents can take months, so start early.

Health Restrictions

It is always important to understand both the health restrictions and health risks of your destination. This is especially true during the worldwide pandemic. You can visit the website for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for a COVID-19 risk assessment by country. Additionally, you will need to know if there are any travel restrictions enforced by your destination country. Many areas of the world require documentation of a negative COVID-19 test within three days of travel. Additionally, quarantine areas have become common around the world due to COVID-19. Know the restrictions and plan accordingly.

Understand the Weather

If you are traveling to an unfamiliar destination, it is important to become acquainted with current weather trends so that you can pack appropriately. You should also know if your destination is at risk for extreme weather during your stay. Additionally, be sure to watch the weather at each of your stops along the way. Even if you are escaping subzero temperatures and heading to a tropical area, your travel plans could be affected by cancelled or delayed flights while in-route. Keep an eye on the weather locally, as well. If a storm is in the forecast, you might need to leave quite a bit earlier than planned.

Before you travel this winter, be sure that you are prepared. With a world-wide pandemic and extreme weather happening across the globe, anything can happen. If you plan ahead and expect the unexpected, you should be able to enjoy your upcoming travel plans and make memories that will last a lifetime.

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