What You Can Do to Gain More Leads for Your Law Firm

Every business has its unique quirks, but the legal business is particularly interesting for many reasons. For example, recruiting clients and gaining leads can be difficult because many people require your services when they’re facing a major success or a massive problem. However, gaining leads for attorneys is still possible. You just have to work a little differently. Here are three ways that you can gain leads for your law firm.

Use Online Resources

While driving leads on Google, Yelp, and Facebook, you can use industry-specific websites to help you land more clients. For example, websites like Avvo allow clients to leave reviews. For an additional cost, you can pay to have your profile sponsored, thus appearing closer to the top of search results and enhancing your visibility. Furthermore, using social media remains a great way of making people more aware of your business and what you do. If you are interested, you can always examine paid ads. These ads can provide a great way of targeting specific segments of the population.

Get Referrals

More often than not, the best way to gain a lead is from a happy customer. Make sure you are asking your customers and clients to refer clients your way. After all, if you have a client who loves the work you did for them, they are likely to be able and willing to refer clients to you and do so in a way that is both enthusiastic and genuine. Furthermore, you can come up with an incentive program for a client who refers someone else to you. There are many ways to structure a referral program, like giving discounts or other tangible rewards.


In order to get more clients, you have to make an active effort to do so. To that end, make sure to attend events held by other organizations. Go to meetings. Join civic clubs, like your local chamber of commerce. Networking can have many benefits, including giving you the chance to attend events and gain more leads.

Leads are the lifeblood of any organization, including law firms. Furthermore, it’s important to remember that gaining one lead can make you more likely to gain several more. Recruiting new clients can be labor-intensive and time-consuming. However, you have to look at the time you spend doing so as a critical investment in your business. It’s one that can help you reap a slew of benefits later down the line.

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