What Winter Sports Should You Try Out First?

While the summer is full of its own slew of wonderful sports and outdoors activities, nothing can quite compare to the thrill, excitement, and fun of winter sports. The wind blowing across your face with its icy cold blast is the perfect complement to your racing heart as you pound through the snow. But some winter sports are definitely more beginner friendly than others. If you are someone who doesn’t have much experience with winter sports but want to give it a try, we’ve got you covered. Here are three winter sports that you should try out first.


The first winter sport that you should try out first is snowmobiling. Snowmobiling is a winter sport that many first timers think of as a more advanced winter sport, but it is actually a pretty easy winter sport for beginners to get the hang of, at least the basics that is. Snowmobiling is an incredibly fun way to get acclimated with winter sports and get used to being on a mountain, racing through the snow. If you like snowmobiling and enjoy the feeling of the wind against your skin, then you are certain to love tons of the other winter sports that are out there.


Another great winter sport that you should try first is skiing. While skiing can be difficult to get the hang of at first, the skills that you learn skiing are applicable to nearly all the winter sports, making it a great starting place for beginners to build a base of skills. Make sure you wear the right clothing when skiing to stay warm and comfortable. Many skiers wear long underwear, followed by at least two if not three layers of sweaters and sweatshirts underneath their ski coats to fight off the cold and stay warm and safe.

Ice Skating

The final winter sport that all beginners should try out near the beginning of their adventures is ice skating. Ice skating has a lot of overlapping skills with skiing, like keeping your balance, and understanding how to angle your feet to grip the ice or snow. Plus, ice skating tends to be a little easier for absolute beginners to get comfortable with. At the very least, ice skating doesn’t require sliding down a mountain, which can be less frightening for beginners.

Winter sports are a blast to enjoy, but they can be alienating for some beginners. If you know the right sports to start with, however, it can be a breeze to get acclimated. Consider these three winter sports as a great starting point for your winter sport adventures.

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