Packaging Perfection

If you are in charge of a packaging process, then you may be wondering what kind of safeguards you should have in place. After all, making sure your workers and employees are safe is of utmost importance, especially in this kind of delicate position. If they are hurt, it could result in lawsuits, lost time, lost profits, and lost productivity. It could also result in the position being less attractive to potential employees. As you improve your packaging and distribution processes, use the following tips to be safe.

What Safeguards Should Your Packaging Process Have in Place

Safety Training

The first step in preventing hazards is to train your employees perfectly the first time around. Your package handlers can vary, from warehouse workers, to sales professionals stocking the product, to your truck drivers. Anyone responsible for these stages should receive video or in-person training to understand how to handle packaging safely and effectively. Make sure they have individual job training as well so they know the best ways to stay safe and operate any machinery.


Machine Evaluations

There are a number of machines involved in the packaging process. The assembly and creation line, forklifts, pulleys, and driver operate trucks all play a role. Each piece of equipment is related to another area of proficiency, so you need to be diligent. Hire professionals to inspect these machines regularly to avoid flat tires, worn out belts, shorted circuits, and other common problems that could endanger workers. Regular maintenance is especially important for commercial trucks that experience a lot of wear and probably house a lot of products.


Regular Auditing

It’s not enough to inspect your equipment used in the packaging process. You also need measures in place to regularly audit your personnel. After they receive training, it’s still possible that they will forget certain protocol. By having an auditor in place, you’ll reduce workplace accidents and your risk of being liable.


Insurance-Compliant Testing

Once you have locked down the inspection of machines and outside auditing, you can implement another technique that will help you reduce accidents and increase safety across the board. This is called insurance-compliant testing. It is testing your employees regularly on the strategies they should use when handling packages. By doing this in a way that complies with insurance, you can cut down on costs and be better protected.


Weight Limits

No one should lift more than they are capable of. By cutting down the weight that someone needs to carry, you can enjoy more safeguards. This is a crucial step in your journey to a safer process.


When it comes to packaging solutions, every company is different. However, while the custom needs may change, there are universal principles you can use to safeguard your equipment, products, and employees. To make sure you maximize your revenue, minimize time off and lost productivity, and maintain a happy work force, use the safeguards mentioned above to your advantage.

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