What Are the Best Furniture Materials for Homeowners?

When it comes to updating rooms in your house, there are many factors to think about. You want to choose furniture pieces that are functional and stylish, durable and inexpensive. Ultimately, the material of the furniture piece you choose can make a big difference.


One of the best materials for furniture that you can get is plastic. Plastic is very versatile, lightweight, and can be formed into many different shapes. Plastic furniture is especially good for outdoor areas because it’s completely waterproof and often very easily weather proofed.

When you’re shopping for plastic furniture, there are a variety of important factors to keep in mind. First of all, remember that there are a variety of different styles of plastic furniture to consider. While the standard plastic patio chairs can work great in your outdoor space, you should still feel free to branch out.

Some seats of plastic chairs are actually woven and can be both incredibly stylish and quite comfortable. Additionally, keep your eye out for furniture with mixed materials. Sometimes a chair with both wood and plastic elements can be the most durable and stain-proof option.


In addition to considering plastic, leather can be a great option for furniture. When you have kids running around the house with messy fingers and sippy cups full of juice, it’s nice to have living room furniture pieces that are easily cleaned off. If you’ve done a good job of creating a protective barrier on your leather furniture, it should be pretty durable and stain resistant.

However, you’ll want to make sure to think about a regular cleaning regime. Invest in good leather cleaner and make a habit of conditioning the couch’s leather every couple months in order to maintain its beautiful texture.


Another great material to use is wood. Besides being durable and long-lasting, wood furniture can also be very sturdy. This can be really important when you have little kids or pets. Though you may end up preferring lighter weight materials for some pieces of furniture, wood’s sturdiness makes it especially effective for furniture like tables and armoires.

In addition, wood furniture has a special elegance to it. Each piece is totally unique as the wood grain is emphasized in a slightly different way. It’s also important to think about some of the factors that can make wood furniture harder to care for than other options.

In particular, wood furniture can sometimes get damaged from liquid or sunlight. When someone leaves a cup of water on the wood for an extended period of time, a ring can develop from where the cup was. In direct sunlight, wood furniture can fade or discolor. In order to protect against this type of damage, do your research to find a table with a strong finish.


Synthetic Microfiber

Synthetic microfiber can be an especially good option for homes with pets and kids. Synthetic microfiber is stain-resistant, water resistant, and durable. But, it can sometimes be difficult to clean so you consider the pros and cons of the cleaning involved as you consider microfiber for your home.

In addition to its durability, synthetic microfiber can also be a great option because it retains its color for a long time. Compared to practically any other fabric, synthetic microfiber will stay looking new and fresh.


Acrylic can be a fun furniture option for a unique piece in your home. Acrylic is made from a durable transparent material—almost a cross between glass and plastic. An acrylic coffee table or chair can add a lot of dimension to a room.

And besides being durable, acrylic furniture is also quite easy to clean. But while it generally is durable, it can get scratched and the scratches will often show so be deliberate when thinking about where to place acrylic furniture pieces.


Nylon is not a fabric that you might think of when thinking about good material options for furniture. Most people think of nylon stockings which tend to be pretty flimsy. However, when woven more tightly, nylon can actually be a really strong upholstery option.

You can find nylon in a variety of different forms. Because it is typically blended with other materials, there are a variety of different looks and textures to choose from. Know that nylon blends resists stains and fading and that they are incredibly difficult to tear.


Polyester is another strong fabric upholstery option. And while you may initially think of shiny fabric from the 80s, polyester is actually most often blended with other natural fibers like cotton and wool. Similar to nylon, polyester blends make strong fabrics that resist fading and are easy to clean. Additionally, polyester blends tend to be more affordable.

Surprisingly, polyester blends can actually result in fabrics that would surprise you to know that they are polyester. In fact, you can actually find beautiful velvet material made from a polyester blend. Polyester velvet is a particularly positive option for upholstery because it has such a chic look, but tends to be significantly more durable than other velvet materials.


As one of the strongest and most durable materials, steel is a great option for a variety of furniture functions. When its durability is coupled with its lightness, steel barstools, tables, and even shelving units can be incredibly functional and stylish.

Steel furniture pieces have an especially cool industrial vibe and can add a lot of dimension to any room. While steel furniture has a lot of positives, you should also consider some of the downsides. For one, steel furniture can sometimes scratch floors. But, if you take proper precautions like placing protective stickers on the legs of your chair, you should be able to prevent potential damage.

Updating a kitchen or the living room brings with it specific challenges. Especially when you have young kids or pets that can sometimes be hard on furniture. Start by considering some of the materials listed in this article and then think about the specific situation of your family to decide on the furniture pieces that will best for you and your home.

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