Victoria Paris: From Random Jobs to TikTok Success

Victoria Paris, a 24-year-old digital sensation, is a prime example of how determination, authenticity, and a pinch of boredom can lead to unexpected opportunities. Here’s her journey from random jobs in New York City to dominating the TikTok realm.

Beginning in the Big Apple Finding herself confined to her NYC apartment during the Covid-19 pandemic, Victoria Paris started creating TikTok videos as a means to pass time. Today, with a TikTok following nearing 2 million, she stands as a testament to the power of social media.

Before her rise to online fame, Paris dabbled in various professions, from being a personal trainer to working at a finance startup. No matter where she worked, one thing remained consistent – her advocacy for pay transparency. In her words, it was significant “for numerous reasons.”

Breaking Barriers with Transparency As TikTok launched its Creativity Program Beta, Paris took the opportunity to share her earnings. Her rationale was simple: to bring clarity to what influencers, especially with a following as vast as hers, earn.

“Too often, employers want your services but hesitate to pay what you genuinely deserve,” Paris shared, recalling her experiences across different job profiles.

Her thirst for knowledge is also evident in her interactions. She’s always learning, and most of that knowledge comes from her peers. As Paris puts it, “I owe much of my understanding to fellow influencers.”

Moreover, as a queer white woman, Paris finds it paramount to be forthright, especially when she interacts with creator friends who are queer people of color. She recognizes her privilege and is aware of the systemic biases faced by women and people of color in professional settings.

Financial Footprint on TikTok While Paris’s transparency might surprise many, the figures don’t lie:

  • In 2021, she earned a whopping $42,497 from TikTok’s Creator Fund.
  • Her primary revenue stream remains brand collaborations, with giants like Nike and Lancôme being notable mentions.
  • An example of her brand collaborations is the Nike ad where she’s seen promoting the brand’s running gear.

Striking the Balance The real challenge for Paris is to maintain her relatable image while revealing earnings like $10,000 a month from TikTok alone. She believes there’s a nuanced balance between being transparent and appearing out of touch with her audience.

But for Paris, authenticity remains key. A look at her recent TikTok earnings reflects her success:

  • $982.88 on July 11
  • $548.94 on July 24
  • $569.73 on July 26
  • $686.99 on July 31
  • $934.05 on August 2

By August 5, her monthly earnings amounted to an impressive $13,105.91. She anticipates the new TikTok program to add a substantial $100,000 to her annual earnings. This potential increase has made her pivot to creating longer videos, around three minutes in duration.

Despite the soaring figures, Paris’s grounding factor is her authenticity. She firmly believes that being genuine is the best policy. “Authenticity strikes a chord with everyone,” she concludes.

With her rapid ascent in the digital world and her commitment to staying true, Victoria Paris exemplifies the blend of talent, tenacity, and transparency.

Who is Victoria Paris?

Victoria Paris isn’t just another name on the ever-growing list of TikTok influencers. She’s a testament to the idea that the world of internet fame is within reach for those who blend authenticity with passion.


  • Age: 24
  • Origin: New York City
  • Platform of Fame: TikTok
  • Followers: Approaching 2 million on TikTok
  • Professions Before TikTok: Personal trainer, nanny, employee at a finance startup

Bio: Victoria Paris catapulted into the digital limelight from the confinements of her NYC apartment during the Covid-19 pandemic. With her spontaneous decision to turn to TikTok out of sheer boredom, she tapped into an audience that resonated with her content, leading to a burgeoning online career.

Before her dive into the digital space, Paris tried her hand at various professions. She trained people to stay fit, took care of children as a nanny, and even ventured into the world of finance startups. Across all these roles, one principle she held dear was pay transparency. This ethos is something she has carried into her life as an influencer, making her stand out in an often opaque industry.

As a queer white woman, Paris also acknowledges the privileges and challenges that come with her identity. She’s keenly aware of biases, especially against women and queer people of color in business and influencer settings. This recognition not only helps her navigate her professional journey but also establishes her as an ally, advocating for inclusivity and fairness.

Victoria Paris’s journey from random jobs to becoming a TikTok sensation showcases her adaptability, authenticity, and commitment to transparency. As she continues to carve her niche in the vast digital realm, her story serves as inspiration and a reminder that being genuine is perhaps the most influential trait one can have.

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