Why Understanding SEO Will Help You To Advance Your Career

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is in high demand as marketers shift much of their attention to online marketing efforts and social media. Digital marketing career opportunities are exploding in 2018, and according to most predictions, the future looks bright for any professional with SEO skills.

Every year millions of new consumers spend money online. The writing is on the wall about how important online shopping has become. As retail stores continue to close and all businesses allocate more resources to the online marketing space, there is little doubt that any professional with SEO skills who can attract online customers is in high demand.

The Outlook for SEO Experts Is Bright

According to Conductor.com, the past two years showed a 43 percent increase in jobs in the field. SEO jobs increased from 4473 to 6388 from 2017 to 2018. Job openings in content marketing increased from 17,892 to 23,846 during those same years per Conductor.com. There is solid proof that SEO knowledge is a highly sought after skill in today’s workplace. This trend is likely to continue as long as the Internet exists.

Online Entrepreneurs and Business Partners

Professionals with SEO experience can offer their services to any company. Business owners who are struggling online are prime to be approached by SEO experts offering their expertise for a piece of the pie based on increased revenues. Since all businesses need an online presence and can benefit from new online customers, there are an unlimited number of prospective clients for an ambitious SEO consultant.

Another viable option for SEO experts is to start a new business. Given the power of the internet, SEO experts can easily set up a new company of their own, selling their own products or services. Online business success is largely connected to SEO skills.

Different SEO Career Options

There are a variety of more traditional career paths that a person with SEO experience can take. If you can promise to boost a company’s rankings on Google, Bing or Yahoo, you have the knowledge necessary to attract new customers. For ambitious digital markers, there are at least seven different career paths to explore.

SEM opportunities are one career path that many students take. Related SEM skills include mastering Pay Per Click marketing, customer relationship management, and advertising strategies. According to Payscale as published on Simplilearn.com the median salary of search engine marketers is $45,255.

Another possible opportunity available for accomplished SEO professionals is working as a Business Marketing Consultant. Consultants enjoy a lot of options as general business consultants, public speakers, and marketing consultants. As is true with consulting positions, obtaining a position as a consultant is dependent on proving your accomplishments. Success in your own business or in another person’s business provides the credibility necessary to obtain clients in the SEO arena. One of the perks of this type of opportunity is that you can work from anywhere. Median incomes for this position is about $57,610.

Another job title that should be on the radar for any SEO professional is that of a Digital Marketer. The skills associated with this job include SEO, PPC, social media, and SEM. Digital marketers pull all the pieces together and must be proficient at content planning, SEO, and social media within the context of a long-term plan designed to maximize customer acquisition and conversions. Data management and analytics are also an important part of a digital marketers role. Driving paid traffic to a website is the main goal for a Digital Marketer. The median salary range for this position is $46, 919.

Marketing analyst is another job title that SEO experts can apply for when it is time to make a job move. In the age of “Big Data,” analytics plays an enormous role in determining what works and what doesn’t. Online marketing requires ongoing testing to get it right. Analytics are used to track initiatives and results. The numbers are also key for compiling forecasts and preparing reports. On average, marketing analysts can expect to earn about $52,176.

Content marketing encompasses the creation of blogs, web content, videos, graphics and other materials. Using content to attract new customers is how content marketing works. While this organic approach can take a bit longer than pay per click marketing, organic traffic tends to be loyal and longer-lasting resulting in long-term revenues.

An SEO Manager has the distinct responsibility of understanding SEO and SEM. It is common for an SEO Manager to oversee and coordinate content strategists, data managers, SEO specialists, and technology experts. Larger companies definitely need an SEO Manager to oversee results.

How to Market SEO Skills on Your Resume

SEO skills must be proven by the success of your own company or your clients’ companies. Since attracting internet traffic is the goal of SEO efforts, the best proof is provided by search engine rankings and new customers acquired. Resumes should reflect growth percentages and be quantifiable. That’s why it is so important to track your statistics. While this is not always easy, it should be a goal of every SEO professional who wants to leverage their success in reaching career goals.

Resumes that detail SEO clients and their success are the best way to get a client’s or employer’s attention. Verifying your success with dates, numbers and company references is the best way to stand out from the usual crowd that leads with big promises and no proof.


is no end in sight for the progression and upward growth of digital marketing. The internet is not going anywhere. Given the considerable increase in cell phone usage and search to find what consumers want, the internet is the place to be. Strategically attracting “hot leads” exactly when consumers are ready to buy is one of the major benefits of digital marketing. SEO marketers are the key to attracting those clients. You can’t lose if you learn SEO strategies. This expertise has the potential to help climb the corporate ladder or to launch your own business.


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