The Kelly Roach Coaching Unstoppable Reviews are In: 5-Stars Across the Board

Kelly Roach started her career by working at a Fortune 500 company, where she quickly climbed the ranks to the youngest Senior Vice President before she turned 30. While this type of success may have been exciting and fulfilling for many people, Kelly knew that she was capable of more. She began laying the groundwork for starting her own business.

For Kelly, this meant a comprehensive education in business, personal growth, and coaching. She hired her own business coach and began to build a team. Now, Kelly Roach International, the parent company for Kelly Roach Coaching, grosses 8-figures, with $100 million within reach. Kelly shows no signs of slowing down, with a mission of becoming the #1 business education and leadership development company in the world.

Kelly Roach Coaching is a coaching and consulting firm designed specifically for service-based business owners and entrepreneurs, especially those who are seeking to scale their 6- and 7-figure businesses to new heights. Kelly is a master at attracting new clients, time management and delegating, and scaling businesses to reach financial freedom, and she teaches her clients everything she knows. But don’t expect the work to be easy – Kelly and her team can show you the way, but implementing their strategies to achieve results is up to you.

Since its inception, Kelly Roach Coaching has worked with more than 40,000 entrepreneurs. They have personally guided more than 50 entrepreneurs past the million-dollar mark. Her clients often sing her praises after experiencing firsthand what her years of expertise can do to transform their businesses and their lives.

Kelly Roach Coaching Unstoppable Reviews

Kelly helped us increase our income by refocusing our sales representatives’ time and attention to our biggest customers, who were being neglected, and allow our smaller customers to be served by internal support. This has already effectively increased the sales volume we are receiving from our biggest accounts. With Kelly’s support, we have effectively implemented a company-wide price increase and another increase of 2-3% is due to take effect in January. Kelly helped us identify actionable goals we could implement immediately and eliminate busy work that was getting in the way of our business growth. The best thing I’ve done since starting the Business Acceleration Bootcamp is learn how to delegate so that I can enjoy my time after the work day and on the weekends. I always needed to be in the loop and have control, but I found the right people and have given away some of my reins. Without this class I would still be working 60+ hours a week and every weekend. I’m down to 40-50 hours a week and haven’t worked a weekend since the second week of class. Kelly has provided additional services that we were not expecting and has helped more than anticipated. I have and will continue to recommend her to friends and colleagues.” – Andy Baso, Vice President of Sales, Park Supply America

Working with Kelly gave me the strategies and tools to stop working 14-hour days and weekends! By learning key productivity, leadership, and delegation strategies I am now able to focus on raising funds and creating educational programs to take my organization to the next level. I highly recommend coaching with Kelly for high-achieving individuals that need balance, structure, and guidance to get to the next level, in every area of life. Once you make the decision to work with Kelly, you will wonder- why didn’t I do this 5, 10 or 20 years ago? I am so glad I did!” – Kim Phelan, Vice President, Coalition for Hemophilia B

Working with Kelly has changed my life and I anticipate many more amazing changes to come. I first began working with Kelly about two years ago. She encouraged me to dig deep within myself and as a result, I made some huge lifestyle changes. I am so thankful she saw more in me. These changes did not happen overnight, and Kelly stayed right there with me helping me learn valuable skills in the process. Not only did Kelly help me grow my business, she demanded I nourish my personal life. I can honestly say that I am a much happier person as a result of focusing on and applying her principles. She knows what you need before you do. I have been amazed time and again when I have been working on a homework assignment for coaching and thinking of something I need and Kelly has already sent me an audio training for it. Talk about a WOW factor! I recommend Kelly Roach Coaching to anyone serious about finding more time, freedom, and happiness in their personal and business life.” – April Fox, RN, Owner, Fox Legal Nurse Consulting

One of the greatest benefits of entrepreneurship is the freedom of time and money that it creates for effective founders and business owners. If you’re ready to take full advantage of all that entrepreneurship can offer you, contact Kelly Roach Coaching and her team at

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