The Health Consequences of Calcium Deficiencies

When you go to the doctor and get some tests run, chances are that your results may come back and you may have a calcium deficiency. Unfortunately, a lot of people who don’t maintain a healthy, balanced diet have calcium deficiencies. There are lots of health consequences that you can have due to this deficiency.


Oral Health

Having a sufficient intake of calcium is vital in maintaining your oral health. If you have a calcium deficiency, chances are that your teeth will not be as strong or healthy. Calcium helps the structure of your teeth to be durable and firm, so if you have a calcium deficiency, your teeth are more likely to get damaged or have issues such as cavities or rotting. In addition to causing teeth issues, having a calcium deficiency can also weaken your jawbones, which can cause many problems with your oral health.


Weaker Bones

Calcium deficiencies can also cause your bones to be weaker. Many older people struggle with osteoporosis, which is when the body’s bone structures are significantly weakened or lost, a bone disease often linked with calcium deficiencies. This makes it very easy for bones to break and fracture, even without hard falls or accidents. This can be very dangerous, especially for older people, as broken bones can cause other internal problems that could lead to death. Treatments like TYMLOS can reduce vertebral fractures from osteoporosis.


Brain Alterations

If your calcium deficiency continues for long enough and is quite severe, it could even lead to some brain alterations and could threaten your mental health. Studies have shown that having a calcium deficiency could even be linked with mental illnesses such as depression. Although most people would never guess this, getting a sufficient calcium intake is important in maintaining your mental health and ideal brain conditions.


Now that you are aware of a few of the risks and consequences that accompany calcium deficiencies, go to the doctor to get tests run so you can be aware of the sufficiency of your calcium intake. Making a few simple changes to your diet and including foods such as cheeses, yogurts, dark leafy greens, and fortified orange juice can boost your calcium intake and your health. Remember that you have control over your calcium intake and you can prevent any of these health consequences from happening by taking care of your body.

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