Review: An Education in Modern Entrepreneurship is Just a Click Away with The Freedom Era Academy

If you’re active on social media, it’s inevitable that at this point you’ve watched a few friends and acquaintances achieve entrepreneurial success. They left soul-sucking jobs in cubicles behind, and are financially secure while joyfully experiencing more of what life has to offer. Yes, owning your own business is hard work, but it is also so personally fulfilling and rewarding – while also being much more lucrative than working for someone else.

But even if you’ve decided that you’re ready to take the plunge into entrepreneurship, you’re probably left wondering how to get started! There is so much to consider: What are you selling? Where are you selling it? Who is your target market? How do you reach them? What is the best way to get their attention and earn their trust? How do I manage a business? And the list goes on.

Going to business school can give you a foundation of knowledge about things like marketing and accounting, but the fact of the matter is that trends are changing almost daily, and some of the most valuable things you need to know won’t be taught in business school.

These days, you can run a hugely successful business online, relying solely on your phone and laptop. But that means you need a working knowledge of social media marketing, including what type of content works best for your target market, what kinds of posts elicit the most engagement, and the best times of day to post. There are plenty of coaches and mentors in this space, but many have wait lists for sessions and they charge top dollar for their personalized programs and one-on-one sessions.

What if there was a self-guided business boot camp that you could actually afford and that taught you exactly what you need to know to get started?

Well, now there is.

What Is The Freedom Era Academy?

The Freedom Era launched its Academy in April of 2020 just as the world was settling into its first COVID lockdown. At that time, there was a 600% increase in google search terms on “how to replace my income.” That’s because, for so many people, the realization hit home that they had little to no financial security, and it was time to take matters into their own hands.

As home-based businesses quickly grew in popularity, it became clear that many people had no idea how to get started, or how to convert leads into sales. People with absolutely no business experience were diving headfirst into entrepreneurship and they were floundering.

Thus, The Freedom Era Academy was born. With a diverse course load including fundamental courses, mentorships, high-end consultant masterclasses, and whole-day masterminds, you won’t get bored or lose focus on what you’re learning. Expect training modules with titles like Fundamentals of Marketing, Fundamentals of Sales, Facebook Ads, Marketing, Instagram, 6-Figure Mindset Training, Leadership, and more. 

And unlike traditional schools that rely on one professor to teach every class, The Academy brings in industry experts and global entrepreneurs who can show you exactly how they’ve achieved their success. The things you learn can save you months and even years of discovery, putting you ahead of the curve.

Community Chest

Access to the high-end masterclasses is referred to as “the vault,” but one of the real keys to value at The Academy is unlocking access to the entire Freedom Era community. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to immerse yourself in positivity, creativity, inspiration, and collaboration, this is your chance.

The Freedom Era community is one of the most raved-about aspects of the entire program. You’ll hear time and time again to surround yourself with people who increase your vibrations, but until you do, you don’t realize just how important it is. When everyone around you is ready to reach their highest potential, and help you to do the same, magic happens.

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Growth is Inevitable

Personal and professional growth is inevitable once you begin your journey to entrepreneurship. There’s just no way you’ll be the same person that you were before you gained the confidence and skill sets that you’ll use to propel yourself into a whole new career. 

The Academy continues to grow, too. They constantly work to remain relevant in the marketplace and look for the best, high-level teachers and mentors who can bring value to their members. Their team keeps up with vital digital marketing trends (which change constantly) so that the entire community can implement what is working the best right now

Everyone knows that entrepreneurship can be hard and lonely at times, but The Freedom Era is on a mission to normalize the journey of personal development through the support of like-minded people around you. Their community brings people together to learn and grow as a collective.

The Time Is Now

Stop waiting for next week, month, or year to make the necessary changes in your life that will allow you the freedom of time and money that you desire. If you’ve been looking for the right opportunity to get started on your journey into entrepreneurship, this is it! Your chance to learn while being supported by others going through the exact same process.

It’s time to usher in a new era – one that allows you to enjoy life to the fullest. It’s time to be free!

Jennifer Wilkens

Jennifer has a degree in communications from Utah Valley University and enjoys writing business and financial news articles. She loves snowboarding and spending time with her two kids.

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