The Exorbitant Costs of Abusing Prescription Drugs

The opioid crisis has garnered tremendous attention in recent years, which has generated increasing concerns about the high costs of prescription drug abuse. Not only does prescription drug abuse threaten your life, but it also threatens the well-being of those most precious to you. If you hope to be present for those you love most or enjoy a healthy, happy and fulfilling life, avoiding illicit prescription drugs is your best bet. Curious about what the real cost of prescription drug abuse is? Continue reading for some alarming statistics.

Spending Money on Drugs

According to Energy Healing Essentials, testing has shown that roughly 54 million people over 12 have abused prescription drugs at least once. And according to reports by the National Institute of Drug Abuse, the price tag of illicit prescription drug use hovers around 78.5 billion dollars annually. Spending your hard-earned income on illicit prescription drugs requires eliminating other household and life necessities that you and your family rely on. If you must re-allocate funds to pay for a prescription drug habit, it’s time to reassess your priorities. The health and safety of your family always comes first — you should never prioritize a pill over the well-being of those you love most.

Losing Income

When you abuse prescription drugs, you cannot function normally, which means missed workdays and loss of income. When the bills are piling up, and you have hungry mouths to feed, your household obligations must come first. Neglecting your family’s basic needs in favor of a drug habit is never acceptable. If you can’t keep the lights on or cannot put food on the table because you prioritize pills over your family, it’s time to get help. Take some time to think about the high cost of prescription drug abuse — not only does it take funds away from those you love most, but according to Advanced Recovery Systems, it also changes your behavior toward those most precious to you. Life is far more enjoyable when you’re sober and able to share in your family’s joys and accomplishments. Prescription drug abuse will inevitably rob you of your ability to experience all that life has to offer.

Healthcare Costs

Prescription drug abuse claims tens of thousands of lives each year. Unfortunately, those who do not sacrifice their lives sacrifice thousands in healthcare costs annually. Prescription drug abuse has truly frightening consequences: brain damage, liver damage, heart damage, kidney failure, behavioral issues and cognitive problems are just a small sampling of the tremendously deleterious effects of prescription substance abuse. When these issues surface, medical attention may be necessary to preserve your life—don’t take that chance. Unless you have a medical issue and a doctor’s prescription for a specific medication, stay away from prescription drugs so you can be there for your family.

Prescription drug abuse has an extremely high cost. If you hope to provide a safe home for your children, put food on the table and enjoy each day, avoiding prescription drugs is paramount. It can be tempting to turn to substance abuse for the temporary feelings you might enjoy, but before you do, think about your family. They rely on you to be there, and when you turn to prescription drugs, you turn your back on those you love most.


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