How Technology Can Help Run Meetings Effectively

Ask any professional and they will tell you that they believe that one of the most futile endeavors at their place of work would be the required meetings. Moreover, ask any executive, and they will tell you that they spend an immense amount of time each week in meetings. Needless to say, a lot of people get frustrated with meetings and feel like it eats up all of their productivity. However, there are ways to harness technology so that meetings are much more efficient and effective. Keep some of these considerations in mind:

Book Smarter

One of the first steps is to increase the ability to book a meeting in a more efficient manner. This means that a team leader should have technological advances to ensure smart booking standards with co-workers. Software can sync with different programs used by your organization to schedule meetings smarter. However, it goes further than that. What about booking hybrid meetings, where there are attendees who both work for the company and those who do not work for the organization? Luckily, there are plenty of interfaces on the market today that can increase your productivity within these types of meetings.

Allow Touchscreens

The new touchscreens on the market today have the ability to allow everyone to see every single concept at the exact same time. This fosters more communication and more collaboration. It can also be an asset because the individual conducting the meeting is able to control the touchscreen from a computer or a cell phone. Additionally, many of these touchscreens also have a whiteboard function and can be set up for video conferencing.

Allowing Cell Phones in the Meeting Room

There is no question that in the past, using cell phones in a meeting has been looked down upon as impolite. However, more and more people are reconsidering that. Simply put, a number of generations use their cell phones for practically everything, including multitasking while at meetings. Thus, you should consider allowing cell phones in your meeting, especially if you Generation X and Millennials in the meetings. Moreover, you will probably get more productivity out of them simply because they will appreciate that you are allowing them to do work on their terms.

You have two choices: you either can make technology an asset for your meetings, or you can continue to fight it and make meetings a difficult endeavor. Letting technology be one of your assets is one great way for your superiors to realize you are an asset yourself!

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