Ongoing Business Costs You Can’t Skip Out On

You run a business to make money. However, (as the saying goes,) it takes money to make money, and some of those costs are ongoing! Forgetting or shirking regular payments for things like your office space, maintenance, equipment and more will very quickly cause major problems, as you find yourself without the space or materials or functionality you need to get things done! Here are a few costs to keep in mind!

Office Space

One of the most basic needs for any business is a place to work! Renting out an office space allows a central space for storage, production, logistics, and all the administrative tasks to make it all happen. Make this money as “well-spent” as possible by picking the best real estate for your needs! Find a central location, close to amenities that you need and strategically as near to your resources as possible. However, it is still important to keep a strict budget! While a “nice” office space is ideal, this is one area where you can cut corners and make due without detrimentally impacting your business product or service. This is one cost that can sit slightly farther down your priorities list in regards to quality, at least until you have made enough money to justify upgrades!


Unfortunately, business involves a lot of risks that, if realized, can mean expensive fixes—from damage to property, product issues, equipment or production malfunction, and customer or employee liability, there is plenty to be wary of! So, protect yourself, your business, your employees and your customers with insurance. Without this safety net, you will be required to pay out-of-pocket for those repairs which can make a significant dent in your financial health. And if that isn’t enough motivation: business insurance is actually required by law in most states! Consult with an insurance agent on what you should insure within your business, to make sure that all your bases are covered.


Your employees make your business possible—don’t forget their payroll! This is one of the biggest and most important aspects of your expenses, both ethically and legally. There are programs that you can utilize to organize and manage your employees’ pay without much conscious effort on your part! Check out various software available, and make tax information a part of the upfront onboarding process with each hire. Keep in mind, as well, that if you can offer your employees a higher pay rate, you can expect (and demand, even) a higher quality of work, which will in turn increase productivity and positive feedback from customers about the service and products they have purchased. Think of your employees as an investment more than a means to an end!

Website Maintenance

Online presence is essential in today’s markets, where so many consumers rely on e-commerce for their shopping. This means that your website is extra important to keep functional at all times! Make sure you spend the necessary funds to both create a user-friendly website, and maintain that website routinely. For WordPress pages, particularly, you should frequently check plugins to ensure that they are running smoothly. Out-of-date plugins can create serious issues for your WordPress site. In fact, your WordPress website is basically 2-dimensional without plugins to add functions and interest or features to your pages. Whether you hire a consistent website developer to upkeep your website for you, or contract one for routine checks and updates, make website maintenance a priority!


Your business will struggle to go anywhere without getting out to the public eye. Spending money on effective marketing strategies increases your change of customer interaction and profits! While there are plenty of ways to market at low cost, investing in some extra exposure here and there is extremely helpful in getting a leg up over competition, whether it be through the delivery itself or the research that shows you where to target your advertising efforts. Online and social media platforms are particularly lucrative; consider putting more funding towards developing your presence on these sites, where you can both gather data and deliver material to consumers in a constant loop of innovation and advertising!


Because so much of your business is created, managed and administered through technology and computers, you need to make sure that your information and data is protected from hackers. Not only is your financial safety at risk, but customer information and business details are valuable materials for hackers to target and steal, which puts you in some dangerous liabilities. Cybersecurity software is a basic means of protection against hackers who may try to slip through otherwise unprotected data. The better your software, and the more diligently it is upkept, the stronger your control over your sensitive data and the more confident you (and your customers) can feel in its safety.


Each business requires different equipment to produce and deliver their products—even e-commerce and service-centered businesses need transportation and technology to create their business! Quality equipment creates quality products, and when your product is high quality, consumers can tell and will feel more inclined to spend their money on it. Therefore, your investment in that equipment is incredibly important! Maintaining vehicles that your business uses is also a cost that business owners may forget to consider in their budgeting. Don’t let your equipment get put on the back burner. A smooth running business needs these things in order, if they are to get done what needs to get done.


Networking, like marketing, is a kind of opportunity for your business to gain exposure to others. However, in this case your business is gaining exposure to other businesses that may be a huge help to your own! Devote some of your funding to networking opportunities and experiences, where you can both find resources and become a resource for others, making a mutually beneficial relationship and potentially increasing your consumer pool by extent!

These and more are consistent financial requirements of business—but when managed well, the returns on investment are exactly what gets you into business in the first place!

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