New You Spas Toronto: A Vision of Transformation Led by Oxana Nourse

New You Spas, under the strategic leadership of Oxana Nourse, is pushing the boundaries of the non-invasive anti-aging industry. With over two decades of experience in the beauty realm, Oxana and her expert team are devoted to delivering personalized, superior care using the most recent technological advancements in the industry. Every client who steps into New You Spas receives a uniquely tailored combination of treatments based on their medical history, present skin condition, and desired aesthetic goals.

Oxana Nourse: Shaping the Future of Non-Invasive Aesthetics

Oxana’s vision for New You Spas was to address a prevalent issue in the industry: clients paying for a service rather than for tangible results. Her solution was establishing a medical aesthetic clinic that transcended the usual limits, ensuring complete client satisfaction. Oxana Nourse, along with her skilled team, is recognized as a pioneer and an innovator, reshaping the world of non-surgical aesthetic procedures.

Elevating the Spa Experience: A New Paradigm in Aesthetic Treatments

New You Spas & Cosmetic Centers are not your standard medspa; it diverges from the typical spa environment as it provides a results-driven aesthetic treatment center. It is designed to help clients achieve their aesthetic goals without surgery, saving both time and money typically associated with post-procedure recovery.

With its seven locations strategically situated throughout the Greater Toronto Area, New You Spas is introducing the most cutting-edge technologies to Canada and setting new trends for others in the industry to follow. Their success is fuelled by a philosophy of “thrive and surpass,” with client satisfaction as the primary driving force.

Expertise at Its Finest: The Powerhouse Behind New You Spas

The New You Spas team comprises medical professionals, clinicians, physicians, and customer care executives. Each of their expert nurses has undergone rigorous training worldwide, equipping them with the skills to deliver top-tier, innovative techniques and services. As a result, Oxana Nourse and her staff are able to provide aesthetic treatments that are safe, effective, and scientifically validated. They hold a distinguished position in terms of results and client satisfaction compared to their competitors.

Tailored Care: The Personal Touch of New You Spas in Toronto

The staff at New You Spas ensures that each client feels welcomed, providing guidance and support regarding their treatment options. They bring an innovative approach to non-surgical aesthetics, creating a serene environment where each client feels valued and cared for by their aestheticians. It’s evident to anyone who enters New You Spas that the team is passionate about their work, and this passion is reflected in their exceptional service.

New You Spas offers an extensive range of treatment options, including:

Injectables: dermal fillers, non-surgical butt lifts, lip enhancements, solutions for excessive sweating, micro-needling
Facelift and Tightening (non-surgical): Venus Freeze skin tightening, the Facelift of the future, plasma treatment
Anti-Aging: IV Drip body slimming, wrinkle treatments, skin tightening
Hair Loss: natural hair restoration, hair fillers
Enriching Aesthetics: hair removal, teeth whitening, skin treatments, pigmentation, skin tags, scars, and stretch marks
Skin rejuvenation: microdermabrasion, facials, IPL Photofacial
Acne: Theraclear, Medical-grade peel
Body Sculpting: Lipolaser, Bodisculpt 360, Fat melting with RF
Treatments for Men: hair removal, hair restoration, facials, body

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