Muscles You Shouldn’t Be Neglecting During Your Workouts

You know regular physical activity is vital to your health. That can be a major motivator for working out. How well do you work out your whole body though? Most people have a few muscle groups they are especially fond of working out, sometimes at the expense of other muscles. Are you neglecting any essential muscles?

Leg Muscles

Have you ever been tempted to skip leg day? Or maybe you don’t work out all of your leg muscles (an easy thing to do if you aren’t familiar with human anatomy). When you work out your legs, remember to work out your glutes, hamstrings, and gastrocnemius and soleus (a.k.a your calf muscles). 

By strengthening your leg muscles, you give your body the power it needs to move without assistance. That will come in handy as you age, enabling you to live more independently for longer.

Back Muscles

How often do you work out your back muscles? Strengthening your back muscles can help prevent pain caused by poor posture. Given the number of people who suffer from back pain and the number who suffer due to poor posture, it’s vital to find ways to address it. 

Working out your back muscles strengthens them so they can properly stabilize and protect your spine. It also reduces your risk of sports-related or muscular injury, especially if you include flexibility training in your workouts. 

Rotator Cuff Muscles

The more mobility a joint has, the less stable it is. Your rotator cuff is one of the most mobile joints you have, which means it’s also one of the least stable. Reduce your risk of injury by working out your rotator cuff muscles. These muscles stabilize your shoulder so you don’t dislocate it. They’re pretty strong, though they can be overstretched if you aren’t careful about how much attention you give your pecs. To strengthen your rotator cuff muscles, include chest-supported back rows, lying Y raises, internal band work, external band work, face pulls, and Trap 3 raises in your workouts.

To be in the best shape you can so you can stay healthy and avoid injury, you need to work out your whole body. You don’t have to do it all in one day though. Target major muscle groups throughout the week, ensuring you don’t skip any by the time you’re through. That way you can get the workout your muscles need so you can live a strong, productive life with relative ease.

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