How Modern Working Women Can Eat Healthier on the Go

Balancing the demands of family and work is challenging. Adding the extra layer of taking care of dietary needs can seem impossible, especially when it is so easy to get prepackaged meals on the way to work.

However, eating the right foods can create a positive mood, boost energy and help maintain youthful skin. With some planning and attention to detail, anyone can maintain a healthy diet and meet all their daily nutritional needs.

Meal Prep

It is effortless to eat out every day for lunch or purchase packaged food at the supermarket. Unfortunately, these meals may not be nutritionally balanced. They can leave you deficient in crucial vitamins and minerals at the end of the day. Tara Gidus says that “eating out can be healthy—provided you make the right choices. Problem is, when we’re faced with deciding between a healthy salad and bacon cheeseburger, it’s pretty hard to turn down the latter.”

To combat this, try meal prepping. Taking an hour out of your day on Sunday to prepare a week’s worth of food can set you up for a healthy lifestyle. This will allow you to choose healthy foods that support your immune system and overall health. Meal prepping also tends to be less expensive than eating out. This means that you will not only be healthier, but you will also save money.

Supplements Are Saviors

The modern working woman often neglects vitamins and minerals in exchange for convenience. An easy way to ensure that you are meeting your daily requirement of these vital substances is adding supplements to your daily routine. Using either a multivitamin or a specific combination of vitamins and minerals can help you maintain a healthy diet.

Take some time to research the best supplements. ASEA points out: “There is a difference between a multivitamin that has all the nutrients you need and one that actually distributes those nutrients in a way that benefits your general health and wellness.” You can also ask your doctor what particular supplements would be recommended for your unique health profile.

Track Your Progress Throughout the Day

If you are not sure what you are eating throughout the day, it is impossible to know if you are meeting your daily nutritional requirements. For example, the average person eats a 2,000 calorie diet and needs about 50g of protein per day. However, Rebecca Slayton cautions that “personal needs may be different since the recommendation is made for the general population. It is best to discuss protein needs with your physician if you are unsure of your exact needs.”

Tracking your nutrients is the best way to make sure you are addressing all your dietary needs. This can quickly be done with an app. Some apps even automatically track your food when you take a picture of your meal. Look for an app that monitors not only macronutrients like fat and protein but also micronutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Look for Healthy Alternatives

As a busy working woman, you may not always have to opportunity to prep your meals  ahead of time. That’s why it’s important to take the time to research healthy options for when you do grab food while on the go. Make plans for the types of items you can buy that support your new diet. In most cases, you will find healthier food options at a grocery store rather than at a fast food place. That said, fast food places are starting to offer healthier menu items.

In many cases, you can adapt your current diet to support healthier habits. For example, if you typically drink a latte every morning and afternoon, then you can switch to green tea in order to get your caffeine fix. Matcha Island explains that matcha is a particularly healthful source of caffeine since it provides sustained energy throughout the day while promoting a calm mind and metal clarity. By looking for healthy alternatives to your favorite foods and drinks, you will be more successful in sticking to your health goals.

Working hard to achieve your goals is essential, but maintaining your health should not fall to the side. With these tips and tools in hand, ensuring your diet matches your needs will be easier than ever.

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