Israeli Fashion Show Receives Good Buzz

Fashion in Israel

The Israeli Fashion Week took place October 18-21. The list of designers has grown significantly since last year. There were over 30 collections by great Israeli designers as well as newcomers to Israel’s fashion industry. Some of the most recognizable names included Dorin Frankfurt, Dorit Bar Or and newcomers Rachel Cohen from Common Raven.

Unlike other fashion weeks around the world, Israel is not known to showcase couture fashion. It plays on the strengths of casual, menswear and gowns. Many Israeli designers showed models in parachute pants and tunics. The color theme was bold and filled with pastel-shades. Many fashionistas appreciated the boho hippy look that is familiar to the street fashion seen in Tel Aviv. One of the stand out pieces was the Keffiyeh, which is an Arab headdress. This headdress is worn by women as a protectant against the sun. It is known as a symbol of Palestinian nationalism. Designer Yaron Minkowski imported the keffiyehs from Hebron. The show included summer and winter collections. In addition to the pastel-shades, there were flowery prints with idealistic geometric lines. These type of designs seemed targeted to American and European fashionistas.

The four-day event included emerging designers from The Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, which was currently ranked as the fifth most influential fashion school in the world. In the audience, there was an array of fashion bloggers associated with VIBE Israel. The Israeli Fashion Week has the same kind of feel that fashion lovers can expect from the LA or Miami Fashion Week. Attendance was very high and a great success written by most international bloggers. More than 1,000 people attended each show. There were eight shows a day. This was proof to many that Israeli fashion and designs are desirable in bigger markets offered in the US or Europe. Luckily the newcomers also had sold out shows like the veteran fashion designers. With high attendance, it will not be shocking to see these new fashions on American celebrities real soon. Israeli designs have a strong presence in smaller boutiques in metropolitan cities in the US, like New York and Los Angeles.

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