Important Medical Tests You Need Done After 40

Although you might not feel any major differences in your body as you age, you are more susceptible to certain diseases and health problems as you get older. It is important to regularly get medical checkups and tests done to keep you healthy for many years to come. These checkups and tests are regularly performed on patients in their forties or older and have been improved greatly over the past few years.

Cholesterol Testing 

Cholesterol tests are used to determine whether a person is at risk for cardiovascular disease or failure. High cholesterol levels indicate that your arteries and blood vessels could be blocked, which means blood can’t properly pump quickly enough to your different faculties, causing your heart to overwork. An overworked heart can easily lead to heart failure or disease.  High cholesterol can be a result of a poor diet or an aging body. It is important to get regular cholesterol testing done after the age of forty to ensure your heart and overall health.

Cancer Screening 

The risk of cancer also increases as you age. Aging women are more prone to breast cancer and aging men are at a higher risk for prostate cancer than their younger counterparts. Innovations in video technology can improve outcomes in cancer screening. Getting a cancer screening nowadays is a very speedy process and can provide quick peace of mind once analyzed by a professional or catch cancer very early on before it becomes too serious. 

Diabetes Screening 

Aging bodies are also more prone to developing diabetes. In fact, according to gerontologists Graydon S. Meneilly and Daniel Tessier, 20% of all adults have diabetes by the time they reach 75 years of age. This can be problematic because, as you age, you are most likely not as active as you were when you were younger, which may contribute to weight gain and less healthy lifestyles that will only amplify the negative effects of or make you more susceptible to diabetes. Screenings for diabetes can alert you to any dietary or lifestyle changes you may need to make to help prevent this disease.

If you have been relatively healthy all your life, you may be in doubt that you will ever experience a serious disease or illness in your lifetime. However, all bodies are more susceptible to disease and illness as they age. Regular screenings and tests after the age of forty will help you stay healthy even as you grow older.

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