Hygiene Hacks to Help Teen Boys Stay Fresh

Having a tween or teenage son at home can be quite interesting, especially when it comes to personal hygiene. Puberty brings about many changes in the body, and it can be hard for kids to adjust. They know they must shower, brush their teeth, floss and change their clothes. However, they tend to get a bit forgetful during this phase in life and could use their parents’ help. Here are a few hygiene hacks to help them stay fresh.

Focus on the Problem Areas

Have you ever wandered through the school locker rooms after gym or sports practice? The stench in this space will knock you over. Nobody wants to discuss their bodily odor, but it’s a necessity for adolescents. Also, make sure you focus on certain areas teen boys don’t like talking about. They must be reminded of the importance of proper cleanliness. To successfully take care of these areas, boys need the right products. One example is deodorant. They all look the same, but they are far from equal. A teenager needs an antiperspirant and deodorant combination. Not only will it keep them dry, but it will coat the pores to prevent smells too.

Encourage Proper Skin Care

Your teenager needs to wash their face at least twice each day. Teens can have a major problem with acne due to the increase of sweat, hormonal fluctuations and greasy skin. In most cases, the best way to combat acne is with good old soap and water. However, some teens have a medical condition that soap alone won’t help. A product with benzoyl peroxide can flush the pores and medicate them so that the acne goes away. Proper skincare now will help to prevent scars in the future.

Make Sure They Shower and Change Clothes Daily

Why is it that teenagers will often let the shower run while they are sitting on the outside? It’s entirely normal for your son to avoid showering and even fib to try to get out of it. However, even if you have all the best hygiene products money can buy, it’s not going to help if they don’t shower or change their clothes. A teenager should shower about once each day, sometimes more if they have sports practice.

In conclusion, as a parent, you expect that your child should know how to shower and keep their body smelling good. However, puberty tends to mess with them, and they need gentle reminders. Make sure to keep them stocked up on appropriate hygiene products so that they can’t use that as an excuse.

Young boys are often involved in sports, making good hygiene even more critical. For more information about how to keep your young athlete in his best shape, read this article.

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