How to Spend Money on Security for Your Business

If you’re a small business owner, you’ve been coming to realize that security is critical to your ability to keep your business running. After all, customers want to know that they are safe both in your store and in your web front, and that both themselves and their money is protected from hacks. It can be complex to figure out where to begin, however. How, and where, should you spend money on security for your business?

Always Use End-to-End Encryption

If you deal with sensitive data, even if you don’t need a security clearance, you need your proprietary ideas and design to be protected. Likewise, if someone is emailing you sensitive information, that also needs encrypting in order to make sure it is protected from prying eyes and ears. End to end encryption does just that. It makes sure that there are no spies on either side, no malware searching or spying on your information as it travels between yourself and the clientele. This is particularly important if any medical, financial, or credit card information changes hands.

Outsource Cybersecurity

IT outsourcing has many benefits for running your business effectively. First, having contractors keeps you, as a small business, from legally needing to pay benefits for more than five employees. Mostly, though, you probably don’t need a cybersecurity maven on staff for forty hours a week, unless you have a larger business or deal with specifically sensitive data constantly. You can find the best person for the job, and you get all the care you need while also offering contracting work to a brilliant specialist.

Firewall and Antivirus

A firewall keeps your computers from dealing with attacks and can help safeguard your work from major stoppages as well. Find excellent antivirus software, and make sure your software is updated often. Likewise, you want a good firewall to protect your data! Don’t leave yourself open to attack. You might be safe from general dangers outside your site, but if Janet in accounting opens the door wide to phishers or malware, it’s an open offering to raid your pantry of data.

You need to protect your Fortress…uh, server. You want your business to be seen as a bright, safe place where customers can not only get your services, but know they are protected in all ways. And always encrypt everything, coming and going! Protect your data and customers to protect your business.   

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