How to Manage a Blackout in the Workplace

Whether caused by an accident, a storm, an electrical surge, or a tripped breaker, a blackout at work is never a good thing. Blackouts can elicit panic, cause accidents, and reduce productivity. It is important to be prepared for a blackout. You will need a backup plan that will allow for employee and customer safety, continued productivity, and maintained order.

Install a Backup Generator

You shouldn’t have to shut down just because the power is down. Business can continue as normal if you have installed a commercial backup generator. Several hours with your business shut down can cause a serious loss in profits. A backup generator will provide your business with another power source, so you can keep the lights on, the equipment running, the air temperature comfortable, and the money flowing. To install a backup generator, you will need to work with a certified electrician, as well as your local Environmental Protection Agency representative. Together, you will assess your company’s energy needs to determine the right generator for you. It will take some time to install, but you will be so grateful if you can support your businesses electrical needs without connection to the grid.

Use Reflective or Glow-in-the-Dark Markings

If the lights do go out at work, navigating in the dark is a serious safety hazard. There are several ways to provide a safe exit route with emergency lighting. Escape route lighting can illuminate the exit signs, emergency equipment, and the proper pathways to a safe exit from the building. These lights generally utilize two forms of power—the self-contained battery system and the central battery system. A self-contained battery system uses its own battery for power during a blackout. With a central battery system, all the lights in your emergency lighting system are connected to a core battery located separately. You can also place glow-in-the-dark or reflective strips around hazardous areas. Reflective tape in the workplace can keep a dimly lit area safe.

Create a Blackout Plan

A blackout plan can help everyone stay organized during a power outage. Create a plan, give specific assignments to each of your employees, teach the plan, and practice the plan. Part of the plan should include a strategy for keeping customers calm and helping everyone exit safely. You should also include an emergency kit with basic commodities such as water and a flashlight.

You can be prepared for your next blackout. Ideally, you will have installed a commercial generator and it will simply be business as usual. If not, you can still keep your employees and customers safe by lighting the exit paths and creating a plan.

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