How Technology is Improving the Effectiveness of Law Enforcement Officers

When you think of technology and law enforcement you probably think of science fiction movies like RoboCop or The Minority Report. These movies exhibit a high level of social fear and distrust in advanced technology. While these movies paint law enforcement agencies ’ use of technology negatively, the reality is quite different. Many law enforcement agencies are using modern technology to better protect and serve U.S. citizens.

Better Training Methods

New technological developments implemented by law enforcement agencies have helped create better training methods to improve the effectiveness of law enforcement officers. Different agencies include online descriptions of training modules as well as ways in which individuals in need of certification and training can get the training they need. One of the many training programs that has benefited from technology and being online is the Emergency Vehicle Operations Course (EVOC). There are several benefits of emergency vehicle training including officers becoming more skilled in driving and operating emergency vehicles and decreased roadside accidents involving law enforcement officers.

Greater Accuracy

In addition to improving training methods, the utilization of technology has helped speed up processes and has created better accuracy to help law enforcement officers do their job more quickly and with more precision. New technology has streamlined numerous processes undergone by law enforcement officers, including the use of biometrics, or the process of identifying individuals based on information such as fingerprints and DNA. Law enforcement agencies use more precise biometric systems to reopen and potentially solve cold cases, more accurately identify criminals, and ensure the safety of individuals affected by crime and other emergencies.

Quicker Response

Certain technologies have helped law enforcement agencies respond more quickly to emergencies such as engagement on social media. Many law enforcement agencies have created social media profiles on major platforms like Twitter. As a result, law enforcement agencies have been able to receive information regarding emergencies quicker and have been able to respond quicker. Social media also allows law enforcement agencies another avenue of receiving tips relating to emergencies from the public.

Developments in technology have the potential for immense good in the realm of law enforcement. As technology advances, so will law enforcement agencies’ ability to protect the lives of individuals in their stewardship. Technology provides better training methods, greater accuracy, and quicker response from law enforcement so they can better protect and serve.

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