How Home Service Professionals Can Make Their Website Stand Out

Nowadays, your business website is more important than ever! People like to know what they are getting themselves into with any business, and yours is no exception. While web design and user experience may not be your specialty, you can still make an interesting website that will gain customer trust and attention.

Include Testimonials

Customers who hear about positive experiences from other patrons—particularly ones that they know—are much more likely to use your services. This is why you need to integrate professional and general testimonials into your company’s website. People who view these testimonials may feel a little more comfortable contacting your business.

Testimonials convey a sense of professionalism and honesty. Make sure you always ask your customers to offer feedback online. Then you can share a link to your Google Reviews and Yelp pages so customers can get a transparent look at your business. Ask customers who left especially meaningful reviews if you can quote them on your website.

Tout Your Credentials

This is your time to show why you are the best of the best! Proper credentials are important for new home service companies. For example, master plumbers go through years of training to gain their skills, which can be appealing to homeowners searching for a plumber. If you have this type of experience in your own field, share that online!

Creating an in-depth About Us page could help new customers understand why you are the man (or woman) for the job. Brag about yourself a little bit. Tell what school you graduated from and who helped you learn your craft. This kind of information helps your audience warm up to your company through your website.

Snap Your Work

Make sure to show instead of just telling. This is a principle common in writing, but it is especially helpful when trying to prove your skills. Firsthand accounts from customers and credentials are great ways to build your audience’s trust, but at the end of the day, your work will speak for itself.

Ask your customers if you can take a picture of the section of their home you are working on. Then take a picture after the project is complete. If you know your stuff, you should feel confident displaying your work on your business website. This builds credibility in the strongest possible way.

These are some great ways to help your company stand out. In a time where people have apprehensions about working with companies they aren’t familiar with, you can be a face that they trust.


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