The End of Heardle: Exploring Alternatives to the Popular Music Guessing Game

Heardle, the wildly popular music guessing game inspired by Wordle, has captured the hearts of music enthusiasts worldwide. With its simple yet addictive gameplay, Heardle quickly became a daily habit for countless players. However, the game’s future is uncertain as Spotify, the streaming giant that acquired Heardle in 2022, has decided to shut down the platform. In this article, we’ll delve into the reasons behind this decision and explore alternative music guessing games to fill the Heardle-shaped void in our hearts.

Why Spotify Decided to Shut Down Heardle

Spotify’s decision to shut down Heardle came as a shock to many, especially since the game was acquired less than a year ago. Spotify has stated that they want to focus on other features for music discovery, but this rationale has left many players puzzled as Heardle itself was a tool for discovering new music.

Some believe that Spotify’s decision to shut down Heardle may be linked to several issues that have emerged since the game’s acquisition. These include geographical restrictions, song choices that left players disappointed, and multiple instances of the same artists being featured. Ultimately, these shortcomings may have limited Heardle’s potential for music discovery.

Heardle’s Geographical Restrictions

One of the issues faced by Heardle was its limited availability. The game was not accessible to players in certain locations, which frustrated many potential users. Although the reasons for these restrictions are unclear, it is possible that licensing issues or other legal concerns may have played a role.

Heardle Song Choices

Heardle’s song choices often left players disappointed. Some songs featured in the game were not commercial successes or popular on the Billboard charts. Instead, they might have gained traction on platforms like TikTok. This approach alienated a significant demographic of players who were more familiar with classic tracks and made it difficult to guess the song based purely on the intro accurately.

Heardle’s Repetitive Artist Features

Another issue that plagued Heardle was the repeated featuring of the same artists. This annoyed players and went against Spotify’s goal of facilitating music discovery. Bands like Green Day and Imagine Dragons received more than their fair share of exposure on Heardle, particularly within a short period.

Heardle Alternatives

As we bid farewell to Heardle, let’s explore some alternative music guessing games that offer unique gameplay experiences and keep the spirit of Heardle alive:


Songlio is a free, browser-based music guessing game that offers both single-player and multiplayer modes. Players can choose from a wide range of standard and community-created quizzes. The objective is to listen to a brief song snippet and quickly type the song title. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins.


binb offers a unique experience as it doubles as a 24-hour radio station. Players can join a music category and have 30 seconds to guess song titles and artists back to back while competing against others. The leaderboard is displayed on the screen, allowing players to track their progress in real-time.


Lyricle challenges players to identify a song or artist based on a single line of lyrics. Like Heardle, players have six attempts to guess correctly, with each incorrect guess revealing an additional line of lyrics. Lyricle is perfect for music fans who pride themselves on their lyrical knowledge.

About Heardle

Heardle was a music guessing game launched in February 2022, inspired by the popular word-guessing game Wordle. The game quickly gained a dedicated following of music

enthusiasts who enjoyed testing their knowledge of song intros. The platform’s simple yet engaging gameplay made it a daily habit for many players.

In July 2022, the streaming giant Spotify acquired Heardle, which seemed like a promising development for the game’s future. However, less than a year later, Spotify announced its decision to shut down Heardle, leaving many players disappointed and questioning the reasons behind this move.

Heardle was founded by a group of music lovers who wanted to create a platform that combined their passion for music and the excitement of a guessing game. Although the game had its fair share of issues, such as geographical restrictions, questionable song choices, and repetitive artist features, it remained a beloved pastime for countless players.

As we say goodbye to Heardle, it’s important to remember its impact on the music community and the enjoyment it brought so many. Although Heardle may be gone, its spirit lives on through alternative music guessing games like Songlio, binb, and Lyricle. These games offer unique and engaging experiences for music enthusiasts, ensuring that the joy of music discovery and friendly competition continues to thrive.

FAQs about Heardle

What is Heardle?

Heardle is a music guessing game inspired by Wordle. Players have six attempts to guess a song based on a short snippet of its intro. The game became popular for its simple yet addictive gameplay and its potential for music discovery.

Why did Spotify shut down Heardle?

Spotify stated that they want to focus on other features for music discovery. However, some believe that the decision may be linked to issues with geographical restrictions, song choices, and repetitive artist features that limited Heardle’s music discovery potential.

What are some alternatives to Heardle?

Some alternatives to Heardle include Songlio, a browser-based music guessing game; binb, which combines gameplay with a 24-hour radio station; and Lyricle, a lyric-based music guessing game.

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