Why Storing a Year’s Supply of Food May be a Good Idea

Emergency Preparedness Food Storage

Food Storage is an important part of your family emergency preparedness plan.

Why Storing a Year’s Supply of Food May be a Good Idea

The current political situation in the United States has shaken some people to the core. Hillary Clinton supporters who were certain she would win the election are doing everything they can to disrupt the Trump administration and cause chaos. The media is engulfed in fear-mongering and desperate to sell the story that America is falling apart. This has lead many people to wonder what the future might hold for those who are already struggling to get by. But it doesn’t have to be this way though. With careful planning, Americans can regain some control over their lives. And the best place to start is with their food storage.

If you have a roof over your head a closet full of food storage, your family’s basic needs are one less thing to stress about. Besides, if you listen to Hollywood, the zombie apocalypse should happen any day now. It will never hurt to have some extra food and supplies on hand, just in case.

Why Everyone Needs Food Storage

Years ago, families always had a stocked-up pantry. They joined together to grow the food that was in it themselves before spending many hours in the kitchen preserving the fruits of their labor. They had to. There was no way that they could survive the long winters if they didn’t. But since stores have all the food and supplies that everyone needs now, modern folks have quickly fallen into a pattern of keeping very low supplies of food on hand.

Just like car insurance, life insurance, and home owners insurance, consider food storage as food insurance.

This poses several problems though. First of all, there might not always be enough money available to buy food with. A person could lose their job unexpectedly or suffer a catastrophe that causes them to lose all their savings. And what if there aren’t any friends or family members to ask for help with food? If a natural disaster were to strike, this could also cause a shortage in food that nearby stores would normally be stocked with.

And lastly, a food reserve is also needed in case the main breadwinner of the family gets sick because it will prevent the family from having to go hungry during the lean times. Experts recommend having a full years worth of food stored in a cool, dry place in your home. If this is cost prohibitive or space is an issue, consider investing in a three month supply of food and at the very minimum, maintain an emergency 72 hour food and medical kit.

If unemployment or illness strikes unexpectedly, a good part of your emergency preparedness plan should include three to six months worth of living expenses stored in a liquid savings account. Food storage will cover your meal expenses, freeing up money for utilities and medical care bills.

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Long Term Food StorageKeep your food storage in a secure, cool, and dry location inside your home.

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