Cruz scandal deserves lawsuit – unless it’s true


Ted Cruz has argued before the Supreme Court of the United States. He should have no problem wining a lawsuit for defamation against the National Enquirer, unless the story has merit. Last week Donald Trump threaten to spill the beans on Ted Cruz’s wife Heidi after a Super PAC ran nude photo of Trump’s wife.…

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Kerry calls GOP race ‘An Embarrassment’ – Just like his Iran deal

john kerry embarrasment

Failed Presidential candidate and Secretary of State John Kerry has called the Republican primary race ‘An Embarrassment’. During his appearance on CBS’s “Face the Nation” Kerry called out GOP candidates. He claims that foreign leaders are “shocked” by campaign rhetoric used. “They don’t know where it’s taking the United States of America,” Kerry said. “It upsets…

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Bernie Sanders is running against Hillary’s shadow

bernie sanders magic peter pan

Bernie Sanders was never supposed to be a contender in the eyes of the DNC. They had the most experienced, media backed candidate since Obama ran in 2008. This was Hillary’s election to win. Bernie, the unlikely candidate changed everything. Bernie Sanders rode the wave of populism against corrupt Washington politics. People wanted to hear…

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A little bird told Bernie he could win WA caucus

bernie sanders WA caucus bird

The Washington state Democrat caucus is underway and Bernie Sanders hopes to do well. Large turn outs are reported at local caucus sites as hipsters, the professionally unemployed, and college students turn out for Bernie. Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii all hold their Democrat party caucus today. Hillary leads the race in Super Delegates who are…

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Bernie Sanders gets the bird in Portland

Bernie Sanders Bird Portland Rally

Bernie Sanders won the popular bird endorsement today. During the Bernie rally attended by thousands of Portland hipsters, a small bird landed on the podium. The crowd, drunk with Bernie’s promises of a better world were treated to a message of peace. The bird, symbolic of Portland’s “Put a bird on it” mantra stared down Bernie in front…

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Obama seeks hope and change in Cuba

obama cuba visit akward

Obama made history this week as he was the first US president to visit the communist island of Cuba since 1928. During his visit he met with Raul Castro and gave a speech to the people of Cuba attempting to offer a hope of a better tomorrow. He implored Cubans to seek change and that…

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